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Air France Premium Economy Review

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Air France Premium Economy Review

Plenty of legroom and width, but very uncomfortable for sleeping. The seats do not recline, the seat back is at a fixed angle, you sort of slide down, moving your bottom forward pushing your head down into your chest. Four of us travelling all complained about the sleep quality. Air France spent a lot of money on these seats but it is hard to believe the decision makers tried to sleep in the seats. Flew the A380 LAX-Paris-Johannesberg. Configured 2-3-2 on the upper deck. You have to walk back though an economy to get to the lavs but that was not a problem. We paid many dollars to upgrade to business for the return flight. Last year we flew Premium Economy on Qantas whose large seats recline probably twice as far as standard economy and were quite comfortable.

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1. Re: Air France Premium Economy Review

AF Premium Economy Review

First let me start of by saying that I've never been on AF economy, but have traveled economy many times on other airlines. This review will not convince anyone to bump down from business class, however it may sway a few people who normally travel coach who are looking to upgrade their experience without breaking the bank.

The experience began well with check in at the business class counter. That makes a huge difference because you are starting your trip out on the right foot. No waiting in a long line up. You also get to check two pieces of luggage instead of one which also helps on those long trips. Next for $50 you get a comfortable stay in the AF lounge which is also equipped with shower facilities. As I was departing from my home city, I didn't make use of them. I food however make user of the open bar and light buffet. The WiFi provided is also fast enough to watch YouTube. When you board you also user the priority line up, so no need to fight with the herds of sheep crowding their easy onto the flight.

Seats are much larger than in economy. Layout is 2.4.2. There is tons of space to put drinks and carry on bags. Every seat has a bottle of water. Hard seats that do not recline per say. The TV screen is quite large for an airplane, but the quality as usual is image quality was horrible. People sitting behind you don't disturb you at all. The seats are not that comfortable however. It was difficult to sleep due to the position and rigidness of the seats. There are foot rests and a lazy boy style calf rest. Mine was broken and stuck in the open position. The blankets provided are large and plush. The trays are huge and more than large enough for a laptop and mouse. The food was decent and you get a menu with 2 choices, which is a nice touch. We had a lavatory that was reserved for the few passengers in PE so there were no line ups or waiting to use the washroom.

Finally, do to my priority status with my baggage, my bags were the first ones of the carousel.

All in all, for the price I would fly PE on AF again. I feel that it was decent value for the money and it fills a nice niche for people who want a bit extra, but can't justify the exorbitant costs of business our first class.

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2. Re: Air France Premium Economy Review

philipGood- Thanks for this review as I might be traveling Premium Economy with Air France. I am wondering though how you are able to buy a pass to the AF lounge? (Where and how?).

Thanks in advance!

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3. Re: Air France Premium Economy Review

Hey Georgette....


Use the drop downs :)

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4. Re: Air France Premium Economy Review

Thanks for the reviews there' a new post asking about AF Premium Economy so will be very helpful to them.

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5. Re: Air France Premium Economy Review

Shooter25-thank you for the link!

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6. Re: Air France Premium Economy Review

Thanks for this. The uncomfortable seat is a concern. That's really too bad. Of course, it's impossible to sleep in economy as the "recline" is virtually meaningless and the people next to you and behind you constantly bump you.

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7. Re: Air France Premium Economy Review

I think the legroom is the same as other airlines. However, European airlines still lag a lot to the asian airlines i m afraid

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8. Re: Air France Premium Economy Review

We flew Premium Economy from Montreal-Paris last year. It was as everyone has stated: business class check-in, two bag allowance, two meal choices and lots of room. However, the kicker for us was the non-moving seat. The position is awful for one's back, and if you have any problems with it to begin, then don't take these seats. My wife suffered horribly and was nearly unable to walk upright for hours when we arrived. We complained in writing to AF and they apologized and gave us each 5,000 AF points as compensation. But we won't travel in them ever again, which is sad because the difference between economy and business prices is ridiculous for a 7-hr flight.

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9. Re: Air France Premium Economy Review

Completely agree with the posts about the comfort of the seats with AF. Hubby and I upgraded to PE for our flight last year to Vietnam. Amazingly, we were upgraded to Business on the Paris to HCM City leg and this was divine. We knew that the PE return leg wasn't going to be as lovely, and I had been warned by my sister who had flown to Hong Kong the previous year that she found it uncomfortable, but wow, this was bad. After about 2 hours, I barely slept, my lower back was constantly in pain and I ended up pushing the seat into the upright position for the remaining 10 hours. Yes, there is extra leg room, yes you get extra luggage allowance, but we only booked it so hubby who is 6ft4 didn't have to worry about where his long legs would go, but never again. The most uncomfortable seats ever.

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10. Re: Air France Premium Economy Review

I too share the above dissatisfaction with the AF premium economy product. The upgrade from coach is definitely not worth the extra price, and not even worth the same price IMO. This review is for Paris - Boston Flight 338 on Oct 2, 2013, seat 22G, which was a bulkhead center seat on a 777-200 ER. My AF A-319 coach seat from Budapest to Paris was more comfortable than this. This PE seat was more or less a torture board. The leg-rest kept flipping up, making it difficult to keep my legs in a normal position. The head rest also pushes your head uncomfortably forward. As mentioned, there is no real recline of the seat-back. The whole seat just slides down a bit. And to get it back to the upright position required putting my legs on the floor (difficult to do with the leg rest that kept popping up) and pushing your lower back as hard as you can against the seat. Such contortions are really an outrage on an alleged premium product. It was sheer discomfort from TO to touch down. The service, on the other hand, was fine. All of my AF flights in the last few years have featured really polite and friendly FAs, and while the food is a notch above most other airlines (in coach class at least), do note that there is little difference in quality between the meals in economy, premium economy and biz class. The main difference was that in business class (F321 Boston-Paris Sep 23 2013)., you get a large appetizer plate. I spoke to an FA during the flight and he said he was aware the PE seat is a real bummer, and AF will be replacing them next year. Until then I'd rather travel standing up than be confined to the present PE torture seats.

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