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EDreams - Do not use them!

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EDreams - Do not use them!

Beware of the hidden charges when booking flights with EDreams.

I booked flight tickets to Spain using EDreams.

What a big mistake!

Once I had filled in all of the details required, a total cost of £196 was shown. (The price I was expecting). As soon as I hit the confirm button, the price went up to £ 254!

Too late to change as this would incur unfair charges also. When I contacted them I found them uncooperative and was continually blocked from speaking to a manager. I was promised a call back from one within 4 hours. You guessed it it never came!! To add insult to injury, I was charged £8 for the call!!!

Never again. My advice is do not touch them with a barge pole.

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Glossop, United...
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1. Re: EDreams - Do not use them!

Search function - please use it!

Liverpool, UK
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2. Re: EDreams - Do not use them!


I'm afraid your warning is pointless - there are already hundreds if not thousands of similar warnings on TA about Enightmares.

You took no notice of them and your warning, like all the others, will just be ignored by those who go click, click, buy (like yourself) without any research.

For future reference book direct with the airline as there are other 3rd parties that are as equally bad as Enightmares

Canberra, Australia
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3. Re: EDreams - Do not use them!

Thankyou, Captain Obvious. A two-second Google search would have told you this before you bought the ticket. Hundreds of people posting "warnings" about never using Edreams and who, like you, were too lazy to research before they bought.

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4. Re: EDreams - Do not use them!

Just asTomC said, no surprise here, there are enough threads complaining about edream.

Lisbon, Portugal
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5. Re: EDreams - Do not use them!

Thanks for the warning. E-Nightmares gets a very bad press here, as you can imagine, but plenty of folk are, as yet, unaware of their cheapskate practices so posting your experience has a value.

One of their tricks is to ask you to say how you would like to pay - with "the cheapest method" checked. But the cheapest method is a scam. It is by an unknown credit card called Visa entopay. When you get to the end of the online booking and actually pay by credit or debit card e-Nightmares happily add a sizeable administration fee. The only reason paying by Visa entropay is "the cheapest method" is because for that (never used) method of payment e-Nightmares waive their administration charge.

They told the advertising standards authority they would review this but haven't and are currently under investigation, together with their partner in crime Opodo, by the Civil Aviation Authority for their pricing practices including this one.

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6. Re: EDreams - Do not use them!

This may be just the beginnings of your problems with eDreams. None so blind as those who will not check things first.

W Yorkshire
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7. Re: EDreams - Do not use them!

It's been a few days since an Edreams complaint thread.

I was beginning to hope people had actually started to research first then hit the buy button.

Clearly not.

Ah well, we can but hope.

United Kingdom
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8. Re: EDreams - Do not use them!

Frank or Lucy will be along soon to kiss it all better, and try to rescue ECrooks' reputation which is lower than a rattlesnake's bottom, and just about as appealing.

For goodness sake, why don't people do even the most basic research before giving their hard-earned money to a pile of crooks like EDreams?

At least Dick Turpin wore a mask during his robbing, scheming, shonky, criminal, disreputable, lying, thieving activities..

I despair sometimes, I really do......

Windhoek, Namibia
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9. Re: EDreams - Do not use them!

I feel like I'm just about on the verge of stopping my visits to this website. The eDreams threads are getting overwhelming and annoying. I had never even heard of the damn site before I started coming here, and I travel for a living...

Mollina, Spain
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10. Re: EDreams - Do not use them!

If they are that annoying don't read them.

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