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Kiss and Fly - Do No Use

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Kiss and Fly - Do No Use

i just had an interaction with this company that leads me to believe they are running a scam. I booked a round trip flight from LA to Paris and received several emails from Kiss and Fly beginning at 11:54am requesting verification of the "legitimacy of bank card use‏", which I verified, to 12:06pm at which time I was advised my "status" was "paid and issued". 2 hours later I received an email that said the booking was cancelled at my request (Kissandfly.com: Refund request for order #2YDCXN has been passed to the finance department‏) and that I would receive a refund on my credit card in 5-10 business days! I called them and said I had never made a request to cancel my booking and was told that because i did not respond to a second email verification of my bank card, They had cancelled the reservation. I asked them why it would take 5-7 days to return my money and they told me this was the banks responsibility. I've called my bank to put an immediate stop on the payment (hopefully they will be able to do this!). This company sounds like they are trying to make money off of cancelling trips while holding on to money for a 5-10 day "processing" time.

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1. Re: Kiss and Fly - Do No Use

Here is a recent post about this company (it's a little hard to read as there are a lot of deleted posts), however there is a representative that posts, for example see post #21, you could try sending him/her a message if you wish to follow up.


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2. Re: Kiss and Fly - Do No Use

I have read several threads on this company, and the overall picture does not look good - however, one never knows both sides of every story. Still, though I do not use any 3rd party sites for airline bookings, I would steer very clear of this one.

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3. Re: Kiss and Fly - Do No Use

"This company sounds like they are trying to make money off of cancelling trips while holding on to money for a 5-10 day "processing" time."

Rubbish. This happens with nearly all refunds from all organisations via a credit card and IS due to the banks.

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4. Re: Kiss and Fly - Do No Use

Rubbish. This happens with nearly all refunds from all organisations via a credit card and IS due to the banks.


Not rubbish necessarily. Air Canada has on many occasions refunded my money in one day to a credit card. This includes them doing it on the phone when I call to cancel and the refund is there on the card in less than 24 hours.

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5. Re: Kiss and Fly - Do No Use

I did say *nearly all* refunds, and the bit about retention to make money is still rubbish.

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6. Re: Kiss and Fly - Do No Use

Be careful – hidden extras and a very bad customer service! I had a very bad experience with this company. My bank charged me some extra fees for the ticket payment, because the money had to be transferred to Russia. Kiss and Fly customer service accepted to refund the fee, but ultimately never did. My first and last experience with Kiss and Fly.

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7. Re: Kiss and Fly - Do No Use


Just some extra information here for anyone interested.

Kiss And Fly are part of the Travel Tickets Alliance, all staff are based out of the one office and are operated by Tickets.ua

On the 30th August 2015, someone in the UK on a BskyB internet service, booked 2 tickets for 2 other people from Casablanca to Denpasar via Doha flying Qatar Airways for travel on the 1st of September for US$2840, through the Azerbaijan office of this company (tickets.az aka tickets.ua aka Kissandfly.com)

They used my stolen credit card number, expiry and ccv (obviously card was skimmed - I travel internationally most weeks)

The charge wasn't detected until I checked my statement for September in October and contacted KissAndFly / Tickets.ua / Tickets.az office in Azerbaijan who sent me the passport details of the travellers, the credit card transaction which clearly shows the transaction was made from the UK and the intinerary.

They advised me to do a bank chargeback then rejected the chargeback based on them having the CCV.

5 months on and I am still trying to get any positive dialog with this company, they did not even try to verify the identity of the travel booker / credit card holder for such a high risk booking - travel within 24 hours, neither origin nor destination is the country of the travel agency, foreign credit card, name on booking mis-matches names of travellers, booking from a country other than country of travel agency.

From the conversations I have had (recorded) and emails sent to me, I do believe any interaction with this company is high risk, most travel agents especially those IATA accredited, are most interested in preventing fraudulent issuance of tickets and willing to help.

I strongly urge anyone, think twice regarding any interaction with KissAndFly.com aka Tickets.ua aka Tickets.az


Mods: this is a factual account supportable by a long email trail and serves as a real reflection on the risks of dealing with this firm.

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8. Re: Kiss and Fly - Do No Use

Hmm. Your post doesn't add up,

Firstly a charge back is due to not having received the service. What you are saying is your card was used fraudulently. This is very different. As such your card supplier would cancel the card and reimburse you, it's nothing to do with the agency.

If what you are saying is correct, then you need to speak to the card supplier.

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9. Re: Kiss and Fly - Do No Use


The issue is the company is required to accept liability for non-verified non-face to face transactions as a travel agent under IATA Resolution 890

They are required (as some offices seem to do - verify passports and request further details for most flights) to verify identity and balance the risk of potential fraud.

They don't do it and they don't comply with their accreditations resolutions.


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10. Re: Kiss and Fly - Do No Use

Just do not use them at all means!!! I booked a flight for my friend from the US to Moscow and back. She went there because her mother was passing away. We tried to contact kissandfly with a request to change the return ticket. And here a very interesting story starts.

You firstly need to send them an email only via a special webform (we did). Then they review it and send you an email with the recalculated price, and you need to go online within some allocated time and pay with your credit card. First time they sent us a reply at 11pm and asked to pay by 7am. Of course, we didn't check email over night and missed their deadline. We again asked to change the flight and now they recalculated it USD800 more! Well, I certainly understand that some dates might be more expensive, so I asked to check a range of dates and suggest a date with no major tariff increase. Instead, they again picked up a single date with $800 increase and sent a new form for ticket change that you cannot even cancel! Not for the next 15 hours! Literally you go to their website, see an offer to pay $800 for a change and you don't even have an option of declining it.

I called their US number, they promised to fix but haven't. Via Lufthansa I found that the ticket consolidator is actually in Ukraine, I called the Ukrainian number +380445027438, and no help either (except that I at least declined the $800 offer.)

Terrible!!! I am trying now at least to get some refund of my ticket....

Do not use them! It is a fraudulent company.

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