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Passport Name doesn't match ticket name completely

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Passport Name doesn't match ticket name completely


I have booked my tickets with Air China, China Eastern Air and Cathay Pacific to various destination under my chinese name "M K L". But then my passport got damaged and I had to apply for a new one under my new name "Sally M K L". I've called expedia and the airlines, and all the reps have been advising me to change the names on the tickets. But the fee is like $100 and one of the flight tickets could not changed, and i would have to forfeit the ticket and purchase another one at $250. However, when I called again, another rep told me that I should have no problem checking in as long as I bring my legal change of name certificate. What should I do? Have anyone had this problem before?

Please advise! Much appreciated!


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1. Re: Passport Name doesn't match ticket name completely


Technically names on tickets must match passport or ID in every particular.. So what the airlines told is correct to that end..

The reality is that *IF* the difference is minor-- and that will be at the discretion of the airline staff-- you should be permitted to travel.. These things happen with fair regularity..

What I would do at this point is:

a) Call the airlines involved and *ask* that they "note" your reservation about the issue at hand.. While noting a reservation doesn't change the name nor guarantee that they'll accept your ID, it does show that you brought the issue to the airlines attention in advance..

b) Bring anything you have that's official, that supports the name difference..

If you have your old passport-- even if damaged-- that might help make the case that M K L is the same as Sally M K L..

I doubt you will have issues, but be prepared to speak to the issue and have all documentation you can to support your case.

Travel Safe,

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2. Re: Passport Name doesn't match ticket name completely


In the UK your old passport is returned cancelled when you receive your new one. If this is the case in Canada then I would take my old passport, my new passport and the deed of name change with me. Which should cover any problems.

Good luck


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3. Re: Passport Name doesn't match ticket name completely

Hi i have booked the ticket to fly to Canada (Air Canada).

the name on my ticket is "FIRST LAST" while on passport it is "FIRST MIDDLE LAST" . I hope it should not create a problem while boarding.

Can anyone suggest me.

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4. Re: Passport Name doesn't match ticket name completely

Hi jlo.

The middle name question crops up often here and the concensus is that you don't need to add middle names to tickets. This is confirmed by my own experience; I always abbreviate my 1st name to 'alex' whereas my passport spells it out in full- all 9 letters of it, and I never add my weird, long middle name as on my passport, or there would be no room on the ticket! No one has ever even mentioned my abbreviation or commented that I've not used the full version on European or Transatlantic check-in. So common sense prevails!

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5. Re: Passport Name doesn't match ticket name completely

Thanks alex..............................

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6. Re: Passport Name doesn't match ticket name completely

Check in should be OK for manual check-in. But for Cathay Pacific Asia Miles/ Marco Polo Club, you cannot accumulate points automatically by checking in on line from Internet. If you name don't match and you want to accumulate mileage, then you need to check in by waiting on line in person.

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7. Re: Passport Name doesn't match ticket name completely

I also have a question. My daughter is going to Costa Rica in June. Her ticket is her middle name abreviated and the passport middle name is spelled out in full. Should I pay the $200 fee to have the ticket name match her middle name on the passport?

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8. Re: Passport Name doesn't match ticket name completely


Don't worry and save the change fee - as long as her first/last name on the passport match the ticket then everything will be ok.

The middle name will be abbreviated as tickets normally have a maximum number of letters available.

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9. Re: Passport Name doesn't match ticket name completely

I've been reading the replies with interest, so I would like to share my experience of travelling with Air Canada last year.

Travelled to Toronto from Heathrow where my passport was taken away to check although my travelling companions passports weren't. I was then asked how I had paid for my ticket. My answer seemed to satisfy .

Travelled on a domestic flight from Toronto to Calgary. My passport again was subject to further checks. On asking if there was a problem I was told it was just an extra security check.

Went through American customs at Vancouver. No probs there.

On return from Vancouver home my passport was scrutnised & taken for further checks.

By now I was getting worried & asked once again if there was a problem This time I had a more friendly response.

I was told I had a criminal's name The only thing that had proved I wasn't her was my second christian name, otherwise I could have been detained in Canada ! I now have a number to quote if I travel with Air Canada again.

Yesl You've guessed it ....... I always include my second christian name on any travel docs now !!

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10. Re: Passport Name doesn't match ticket name completely

I am travelling from Heathrow to Toronto next week with Air Canada. My ticket is Chris

and my passport is Christopher. Will this be accepted ?


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