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Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them!

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Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them!

Just a warning to all people who book online with Garuda Indonesia - cross your fingers and hope for the best.

I attempted to book a flight with them online. The following occurred:

They did not generate a booking confirmation for me;

They took the money out of my bank account:

They cancelled the booking;

They told me I should try to rebook on the flight (knowing it was full); and

Have not returned my money.

All of their customer service staff (I have made a number of long distance calls at my own expense) have very poor English and do not hesitate to say "I do not understand, can you call back later", then hang up.


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41. Re: Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them!

so how was your refund? did you get refund from Garuda?

I also met the same problem with you that double booking online ticket. I have already drop them an email but they didn't reply. I had abit worried. Anyway, I must agree that Garuda customer service is extremely bad.

Brighton and Hove...
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42. Re: Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them!

I had the same issue. Had a message on their website saying the payment was not accepted. Ending up being triple booked, and called them immediately. The representative on the phone was able to see the payments, but directed me to email the e-booking email. Have provided them with proof, all they have given me is a case number and keep telling me to be patient. It has been 10 days already- something like this would take a matter of hours for a UK or North American company to fix. Anyways, I still want to keep my flight- just don't want to pay 3 times for it. I'll post an update when the situation is over.

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43. Re: Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them!

I did have a similar experience on their website a month ago. I called my credit card company who were brilliant and cancelled it for me. I think there is something wrong with their website. Not too sure if they are deliberately taking money for nothing. I did phone them and they said they would get their technical team to look into it. Clearly not.

Brighton and Hove...
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44. Re: Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them!

I was hoping to not have to go down that route, thanks for the information though.



Kaunas, Lithuania
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45. Re: Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them!

I have completely different issue - I have bought with my credit card flight with Garuda Indonesia. Everything went fine, I have received order confirmation, electronic ticket has been issued and I have printed it out. But... Money haven't been charged from my credit card!!! So now I am worried about my upcoming flight. Won't there be any problems when I will try to check in to my flight? I have checked my flight status in Garuda Indonesia official page. It shows, that everything is OK:

Check Status Info

*** G A R U D A I N D O N E S I A ***



**** (my name and surname)



Any comments?

Culburra Beach...
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46. Re: Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them!

Are you sure it was via the Garuda website? The above email you 'cut and paste' is nothing like the confirmation emails I receive from Garuda

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47. Re: Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them!

It does not look like Garuda Indonesia has fixed its web site problems.

Have tried booking tickets on their web site for a flight three different times during the last week because they show a much better price on their web site than the other travel web sites for that flight.

Each time after I go through the whole flight selection process and give the Credit Card information, a message comes up saying that there was a problem with the credit card processing and that I should try again later. Have tried with 2 different credit cards, each time the credit card company approved the transaction, a hold was put on my credit card balance, and then NOTHING happens. Fortunately, in my case, the transaction kept being shown as a Temporary Transaction for a few days and the money was not actually taken from my account. But, still that is not a way to run an Airline web site!

Tucson, Arizona...
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48. Re: Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them!

I have flown extensively in Indonesia and yes, it can be extraordinarily frustrating from purchase to baggage claim. Here are some of my thoughts based on my experiences.

First, regarding Indonesian airlines in general: They are all pretty bad; canceling flights, inconstant charges, hassle checking in, changing gates without notice & posting wrong gate numbers, bumping confirmed ticketed passengers in favor of local politicians/celebrities, illogical transfer procedures, etc... The list of things that need improvement (especially from the perspective of seasoned western travelers) goes on and on and on and on. Having said that, Garuda is the best of the bunch. It really looks Garuda is trying to pull themselves up and be a "real" airline (unlike Lion/Wings air, Siriwiajya, or Express Air).

The online booking system is inconstant at best, and is backed up by another automated system that isn't much better. There have been times when I have been able to book with no issues. Lately I have been experiencing the same problems that others on this thread have complained of; supposedly booking and paying only to be told that there was an error in processing the payment and later finding that they have a pending transaction hold on their CC account (BTW, NEVER pay with a debit card; only use a CC card, preferably with no foreign transaction fees). These CC holds haven't turned into actual charges and do eventually drop off (10-14 days). Still you have no ticket unless you get an email confirmation with a booking number. IF you are able to get a booking confirmation number I highly suggest you call the Garuda office in Indonesia (62-212351999, #2 for english, #5 for web booking). Chances are you will get an adequate english speaker who can confirm your booking number. If they cannot confirm your booking number then you have the option of booking with that agent. In true Indonesian inefficient style, that agent cannot take payment. The agent can only create a temporary reservation with a reservation code. The agent will then issue you a 13 digit payment code (write these codes down!). you will then be transferred into an automated credit card payment system. Once you have completed that transaction, call the Garuda Indonesia office back and CONFIRM your booking (you may receive an email with a e-booking confirmation.) At this point, hopefully you will have a confirmed reservation and you are good to go. If not, be prepared to try it again. This past week, I have not been able to pay wight he automated system either. I was finally able to get an agent to admit that they are having troubles with it and that it isn't reliable right now and that I should maybe try again later. --Something to understand about Indonesian culture is that they don't say "no". That doesn't mean that they say "yes". When I hear anything other than an unequivocal "yes" I automatically translate it to "probably not gonna happen"--

So what are your alternatives?

1) You can email e-booking@garuda-indonesia.com and/or web support@garudaindonesia and they will make a confirmed reservation for you that you can pay for up to 4 hours prior to your departure once you are in Indonesia. This makes me a little nervous and as such, I haven't used it.

2) You can call the Garuda office in the US (1.800.342.7832, M-F 9-9EST) and book & pay with them. FYI the rates that you pay will not be the same as what you saw on the website; usually higher. But at least you will have a confirmed ticket.

3) Contact your hotel or travel agency that is in Indonesia. Most of them are very understanding of the hassle and are happy to make or assist in booking the ticket (usually for a small fee, of course). When I can't make the booking myself, I rely on an agent that lives in Indonesia to make it for me. He charges me the equivalent of $10USD for the first ticket and 5$USD for subsequent tickets that repurchased at the same time.

A note on calling Indonesia (or anywhere abroad for that matter): I use Skype. It cost me about 4.5cents/minute to call a landline in Indonesia. Don't make a call using your cellphone unless you have a plan that includes it or are prepared to pay upwards of 1.99USD/minute. That makes sitting on hold very expensive.

I hope this helps



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49. Re: Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them!

July 8th 2015, and still having issues with this airline.

I have attempted to book 4 times online now with Garuda and every time we got an error message, yet Bank of America has the charges pending and available for Garuda to claim. Garuda's San Francisco office was completely useless, and seemed like they didn't understand the problem at all. We were able to contact the Jakarta head office using SKYPE and they were about as useless as San Francisco. IF the charges go through then I will be forced to initiate a Charge Dispute with BOA.

London, United...
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50. Re: Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them!

I have a flight booked to go to Amsterdam from London Gatwick

I am not able to do an on line check in but it says confirmed on the email they have sent me.

Always been able to book on line with my passport

No one is answering my emails or my when I call I am on hold

Any one had this experience with Garuda Indonesia ?

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