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CheapOair booking issues/help/advice

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CheapOair booking issues/help/advice

So I am trying to book a two one-way tickets to another country for both my wife and myself. She will be teaching abroad and we have already started making preparations to move. Yesterday, Chinese Eastern Airlines released some really good prices, but I have been having trouble booking at several sites.

I started with skyscanner and it suggested justfly and exploreair. Both of which when I attempted to checkout increased the price. I tried a couple other sites but they say Chinese Eastern Airlines is experiencing price fluctuations. So the spectacular price was not meant to be or so I thought. So I contacted the various sites that increased the price and I did not get an answer from any of them.

So I checked Chinese Eastern Airlines website and the price was 4x more than what was on the cheaper sites. So out of curiosity, I contacted the airline to see if they could assist me. After 40 min on hold, the agent finally came on the phone. After a pleasant conversation and explaining my situation she checks her system and the flight was only 3x what was on these third-party sites. LOL.

I explained that I am hesitant/reluctant to book on a third-party site because of issues that could arise and that they do not guarantee any ticket. She explained to me how the system works and that they are partnered with specific sites in which these third-party sites guarantee their tickets. CheapOair was one of them. She hinted pretty heavy that I need to book on one of these sites instead of their website. At this point, I am lost as to what I should do. CheapOair does guarantee the plane seat but after reading several reviews and issues with them, I am not sure what to do.

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1. Re: CheapOair booking issues/help/advice

One-way tickets can be expensive, some of the shonky third parties will book it as a cheaper return flight for you to not use the return portion. It is against the airline rules (throwaway ticketing) so they will not be allowed to encourage it.....however if you were to book a return ticket yourself on the airline website you may find a better price - pick a date in the future...people miss flights all the time :-)

As you have found many third parties also don't have live pricing

Phoenix, Arizona
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2. Re: CheapOair booking issues/help/advice

Well, before I would go click-click-buy, I would research CheapoAir in-depth. Just reading the myriad complaints here would scare me, but who knows. Some folk claim to have gotten lucky?

Best of luck,


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3. Re: CheapOair booking issues/help/advice

Skyscanner wouldn’t “suggest”, they just display bookers who would pay to advertise on there.

Type Cheapoair into the ‘Search All Forums for’ Search box on this Tripadvisor forums homepage link and there will be many, many thousands of complaints to read:- https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/ForumHome

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4. Re: CheapOair booking issues/help/advice

As your wife must to be in her destination to take up employment, security of passage is paramount.

Is Chinese Eastern Airlines the only airline that you can use? Or does Cheapoair suggest it's the "cheapest" airline for your destination?

Is this a single ticket direct route..or..

Do you have to route through other hub airports (in either the USA or China) to pick up connecting flights?

Is it a reliable airline?

What alternatives can Chinese Eastern Airlines provide if the flight is delayed or cancelled?

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5. Re: CheapOair booking issues/help/advice

The is an excellent question that I can answer. CEA is the cheapest most affordable option that would really help us. Moving to another country and paying for rent, deposit, key money, realtor, food, supplies and a 1000 other things can be costly. The money we would save would extremely benefit us and the way I see it is the ticket prices are about the same if we book another airline 2 days before. So if we would need to we can choose another airline. The next cheapest option is $700 at another airline but I would still have to use a third-party site. For two people that would $1400 before fees and other expenses.

As far as the route goes, we are flying out of Chicago instead of our hometown, because flying out of WV would cost 3x as much. we would travel to Chicago by amtrak so we could catch our flight. Unfortunately, we are not able to drive so we are limited as to which airport we can catch our flight and still get a good deal. I have searched all major airports as well as smaller ones along the Amtrak route we are on. The cheapest rates I have found are based out of Chicago. New York does come close but still is a more expensive option.

I am not sure how to tag anyone but in response to Carol G and Mcpinder. The tickets are not direct flights regardless of the airline we will have a layover. At first, it had a layover in Shanghai but it's Seoul I believe.

I do not mind this layover because it's about 10 hours and we can get a hotel room. Direct flights for some cost 3x more for this destination. Also, I understand how the fee's work for airlines who only do one-way tickets, that is why I have checked all roundtrip, one way, layover and indirect flights options.

Thank you so much for your help and I really appreciate it.

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6. Re: CheapOair booking issues/help/advice

As yourself this....would you buy a car from "CheapOcars" or medical insurance from "CheapOinsurance"?

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7. Re: CheapOair booking issues/help/advice

Update: I was able to book the flight directly through the airline, but I may have to still book again due to not having our passports yet.

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8. Re: CheapOair booking issues/help/advice

Why? You only need the passport number (for API purposes) when you check in. Plenty of people book flights and add or change the passport number later.

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9. Re: CheapOair booking issues/help/advice

I think you have done the right thing. I can't understand why the airline was urging you to book with Cheapo. I wouldn't go anywhere near them myself!

Shelburne, Canada
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10. Re: CheapOair booking issues/help/advice

Never book with CheapOair !

I've just have the worst experience in my life with this company.

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