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Emirates flight Manchester - Dubai - Phuket

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Emirates flight Manchester - Dubai - Phuket

Hi I’m just looking for as much information as possible as this will be our first long haul flight.

Do you have to ask for food and drink or do they come round with it ? And do you get one meal for 6 / 7 hour flights ?

How long after take off do you get food ( just so we know whether to eat at the airport or wait ) ?

Is the change over at Dubai easy enough ... we have 2 hour lay over will that be enough time ?

Would you advise prebooking seats or am I likely to get seated next to my partner anyway ?

How far in advance of flight is flight info ... menus, inflight entertainment available on the emirates app ?

Is there anything I can organize on flight to surprise my husband for his 40th birthday ?

Any other hints / tips would be great

Thank you

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1. Re: Emirates flight Manchester - Dubai - Phuket

Can only answer some of your questions.

If you’re flying economy, then everyone gets their meals and drinks at the same time. The main meal will be served 60-90 minutes after take off. They will probably serve a snack before descent starts.

Emirates have really good IFE. There are so many movies and tv shows it won’t matter whether you know what they are in advance.

You’ll get both your boarding passes at MAN and your bags will be checked through. At DXB you just follow the very clear signage to your next gate. You’ll pass through a security check.

I always book my seats because it matters to me where I sit. They won’t deliberately split you up as Ryanair does, but the only way you can be sure to sit together is to pre book. If you don’t, you just have to choose from what’s left. Only you can decide which is more important, saving the seat fees and risking not be seated beside each other or paying to be sure.

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2. Re: Emirates flight Manchester - Dubai - Phuket

Emirates is one of my favorite airlines whether it’s business or economy class. You will get free meal during the flight. Depending on timing you might get 1 main meal and 1 light meal. About the timing, it will depends on the flight time. It will probably 1-2 hours after take off. Dubai is easy airport for transit so 2 hour is more than enough. Transit at DXB is nice, most of the restaurant or shop can charge your credit card in GBP so you don’t have to pay transaction fee. Their IFE is also good, a lot of movies from new release to classic ones. I don’t think you get information about menu but I wouldn’t worry as I found their food was good.

Not sure if you can arrange something on board for birthday surprise. Well, maybe depends on the class. I once got birthday cake when I flew first class (I don’t know how the prepared it or how they knew my birthday). Maybe you can surprise him when you are in Phuket :).

Enjoy your first trip. Again, Emirates is good choice for trip to Asia.

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3. Re: Emirates flight Manchester - Dubai - Phuket

Actually - on Emirates you can find out what the menu is going to be for your flight(s). I think there is a link on "Manage my booking" from about 3-4 weeks before the flight date. Mind you - it doesn't mean that you will still have all options available when the trolley service gets to you........

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4. Re: Emirates flight Manchester - Dubai - Phuket

"Any other hints / tips would be great "

Push the boat out and fly Business Class-chauffeur car in Manchester,fast track, a great lounge and an A380 from Man to DBX with the great A380 bar. Champagne all the way...

That would be a great 40th Birthday-you don't need a cake...


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5. Re: Emirates flight Manchester - Dubai - Phuket

>>Is there anything I can organize on flight to surprise my husband for his 40th birthday ?<<

Depends slightly on what you mean by this, and maybe what cabin you are in, but in general not really, and don't expect anything for free from the airline crew. Especially not upgrades or bubbly.

What are your plans in Phuket? Just a thought, but you might want to plan a special candle lit meal there, maybe even on the beach, by seeking help from those on the Phuket forum when you tell them the name of your hotel. Then, assuming from what you've said the actual day is the date of travel, hand hubby his birthday card mid flight with a note to tell him that you have a surprise waiting for him at the other end.

There are other birthday surprise options, but in general you will have greater success if you organise this yourself rather than rely on airlines to offer anything. On a full flight of any type of large, long haul aicraft carrying so many passengers, statistically it's almost always somebody's birthday, so the airlines are unlikely to bother with any sort of special provisions for this unless you are a known high status passenger.

(Post 2, you'd have had to supply your DOB in the API and in First, the manifest would have highlighted that it was your birthday and they may well have been able to board a cake from catering supplies. I have similar when flying in a Premium cabin with a different airline than EK.)


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6. Re: Emirates flight Manchester - Dubai - Phuket

Thanks everyone x

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7. Re: Emirates flight Manchester - Dubai - Phuket


I’m not sure if you have explored the Emirates website, but here’s a link to the info flying Economy class.


We flew Economy with Emirates for years, and it was fine , but now we are a bit older we prefer Business Class for a bit more pampering with all the extras like chauffeured car services, private/ dedicated check-in, lounge access etc.

At the bottom of the page about Economy class dining, they mention an onboard cake and champagne service to purchase but you need to pre-order it and pay for it.

Have a wonderful holiday.

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8. Re: Emirates flight Manchester - Dubai - Phuket

Aww thank you I’ve just looked on the website and it has valentines, Ramadan and Christmas listed as special occasions ... I’ll keep checking for birthdays ! Thank you

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9. Re: Emirates flight Manchester - Dubai - Phuket

Can anyone tell me if seats are much bigger than general short haul flights ? I.e will I be able to get comfy to sleep ?

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10. Re: Emirates flight Manchester - Dubai - Phuket

I have had a birthday on an Emirates flight, but it was in business class. I was presented with a cake, the FA's took photos and put them in presentation folders. It was arranged while booking the flights over the phone and there was no extra cost for it, but as I say, it was in business class.

Re sleep, I have never been able to sleep on a plane, even ultra long haul, even in 1st class!. I have tried music, no music, sleeping pills, no sleeping pills, alcohol, no alcohol, etc, etc. Hubby manages it, but he could sleep through anything, so I think it comes down to how good a sleeper you are.

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