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Children in business class

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Children in business class

I recently flew CHC to LGW with Cathay pacific, and upgraded to business for the 2nd leg, as it was 12+ hrs and overnight.

Very pleased with cabin and seat and looked forward to a restful flight.

And then I noticed 2 Children in the 2 centre seats directly behind ours. They were about 8 - 10yrs old, and obviously excited and in high spirits (noisy!)

We thought ok they'll probably settle and sleep! And they did - for a while.

So did I - again for a while.

But then they woke up about 6 hours into the flight, and started to play about, climbing over their seats, and peering over ours.

The FA came to tell them to be quiet, but they didn't take much notice.

I asked if they had an adult with them, and was told " yes, their mother, but she's asleep' !!

I said " well nobody else is"!

That made me annoyed and I felt she should have woken her.

This continued for a while until she did eventually wake up, and they went quiet for a bit, watching tv etc.

But then they started banging the floor and kicking my seat.

At this point, I got up and told him to please stop - must have given him 'The Look' that mothers have lol, 'cos he stopped then.

Now some people say that kids shouldn't be allowed in business, but I don't agree with that.

Why should anyone, whatever class, have to put up with it?

If you are taking kids anywhere, on a plane, a bus, to a restaurant, you should control them.

I recently saw a piece written by a restaurant critic, where he commented that instead of focussing on 'Child Friendly Restaurants', we should instead concentrate on raising 'Restaurant Friendly Kids'.

Just wondered what you guys think about this

And btw, the kid I'd told off looked at me a bit warily when we were disembarking, so 'the look' must still work lol.

My kids still laugh about it some 35 years on

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1. Re: Children in business class

It's public transport, The fact it's Business makes no difference. You can get badly behaved kids (or adults, though I've never encountered that and it matters less anyway) there just as you can in First or on a bus. It sounds as if your pair of little darlings were particularly bratty but in fairness I'd say it's rare (to that level).

It's a shame but unfortunately some people treat everywhere like their personal creche and everyone else can go *****. Other than flying in private jets there isn't a solution. It's down to pot luck. Maybe people should sue airlines for something or other*

(* part tongue in cheek, part genuinely wish we could).

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2. Re: Children in business class

I gotta admit, but when i fly with Air Asia X i love the fact they have a quiet zone where no kids are allowed (doesn't matter if they are with the parents or not, they simply are not allowed a seat in there).

Wish more full cost airlines would do the same and have a section of plane that isn't bookable for passangers under say 14 years old.

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3. Re: Children in business class

If you can manage it, a bit more tolerance will be a help.

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4. Re: Children in business class

If their behaviour is so bad that the flight attendant actually has to tell them to knock it off, the problem isn't the OP's tolerance levels.

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5. Re: Children in business class

Or fly King Herod Airlines?

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6. Re: Children in business class

On the flip side ....our last flight with EasyJet , we were almost surrounded by little ones flying with their parents , I looked at my wife and we both thought , well it's only 90 minutes !!

All children were kept occupied by both the parents and the cabin crew , they were so well behaved .

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7. Re: Children in business class

Why should poor behaviour by kids be tolerated ?.

King Herod airlines!, if someone has paid thousands for a ticket then it’s not unreasonable to expect a pleasant experience.

I flown many times with children around, they’ve been well behaved. Poor parents raise poor children. Bad behaviour is a learned trait.

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8. Re: Children in business class

Children are children, but when I’ve paid thousands of Pounds for a BC seat, I believe I’m entitled to expect their parents to supervise and control their offspring and stop any brattish disruption of my flight.

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9. Re: Children in business class

It can be a nightmare, I can remember 3hr flights with kids acting up, and the parents continually telling them to behave for the whole 3hrs (usual Thomson flights, make of that what you will!!!), I can also remember a flight from HKG to SYD where a family with 4 kids were being sick pretty much the entire flight!, I felt for the family, as things like that can't really be helped.

Some parents just can't control their kids, and it sucks that everyone else has to suffer because of it.

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10. Re: Children in business class

funny though....it is usually the rowdy older people that cause the most trouble in business class! one plane (BA , i think) was turned back two days ago due to an unruly person demanding more champagne.

kids will be kids and some will misbehave, but few cause planes to be diverted. and remember, we were all kids at one time and possibly caused mayhem ourselves.

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