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Cheapbestfare.com will sell you unusable ticket

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Cheapbestfare.com will sell you unusable ticket

On April 14, 2017 I bought a ticket from New York to Europe from cheapbestfare.com. the ticket arrived with two segments missing. It meant I’d be stuck at the Milan airport with no way of continuing my trip. I called them as soon as I found out. They said they’d correct the problem, they need a couple of hours. Two days later, since they did not call, I called again. They were apologetic and said – again – that they’d correct the problem. This time they claimed they’d need 24-48 hours. I believed them and decided to wait again. Two days later I called again. They were very nice and begged for some more time. Four days later I called them again. Now they said they would need 5 to 7 business days to issue the missing portion of the flight. I pressed them and threatened that I’d report them and sue them. They issued a ticket for the missing segment within an hour. Unfortunately, the ticket was useless, since the connection was between two airlines that do not work together and do not recognize each other’s tickets. In addition, there was absolutely no time to make the connection – 1 hr 15 mins to get off the plane, go through passport control and through customs, go out, collect all my luggage at baggage claim, then check in and return through security, customs and passport control at a big airport (Milan). I ended up calling them close to 20 times. They were either apologetic, claiming they needed more time or they’d insist I need to call to Sandy (Sandip?) instead. He, in turn, would say that needs some more time. Exactly a month after they issued the original unusable ticket, cheapbestfare.com have not corrected their error which would have me stranded in an unknown foreign city. . They keep lying and ignoring the problem. Their sales practices are borderline fraudulent. In the meantime, I discovered that Better Business Bureau gave cheapbestfare.com an F, based on their atrocious practices and customers’ complaints. Stay away from cheapbestfare.com if you don’t want to be stuck at a foreign airport with no ticket to continue the trip.

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1. Re: Cheapbestfare.com will sell you unusable ticket

Do you really think that any company with a variation of the word cheap in its name would have offer much in the way of customer service? The message on TA repeated everyday is to book directly with the airlines, Did you even look for the Asta logo on the website before booking?

mayo, ireland
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2. Re: Cheapbestfare.com will sell you unusable ticket

First thing is to dispute the charge with your credit card, but you have waited a long time and I don't know what the time limit is. If you paid by debit card or bank transfer, I can't advise you. Other than that, tell them you want a full refund on the price paid as they have not delivered the service you paid for. Do not ask to cancel, as there may be severe penalties for doing so. Never pay a middle man, and a crap one at that, to do what you can do yourself. Always book direct from the airline.

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3. Re: Cheapbestfare.com will sell you unusable ticket

What kind of idiot would book with a site called "cheapbestfare"? Would you get surgery through a site called "cheapbestdoctors"?

Why didn't you look at the Better Business Bureau BEFORE booking? No point looking after!

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4. Re: Cheapbestfare.com will sell you unusable ticket

If one wants "cheap," they should leave all ideas of Customer Service behind.

Good luck,


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5. Re: Cheapbestfare.com will sell you unusable ticket

"Unfortunately, the ticket was useless, since the connection was between two airlines that do not work together and do not recognize each other’s tickets"

There is a way they may be useable and it all depends on the carrier they used to plate the tickets.

When I worked as a travel consultant, we had cases where airlines did not have an agreement with each other. In those cases, we tried to find a common carrier (IE: a carrier that had an agreement with both of the carriers involved). We then plated the tickets on that carrier.

Not the best or most preferable option, but workable.

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6. Re: Cheapbestfare.com will sell you unusable ticket

"There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey." - John Ruskin

Arcadia, California
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7. Re: Cheapbestfare.com will sell you unusable ticket

There have been a few posts recently on this and other forums about the Better Business Bureau ratings that in some cases travelers relied upon. The OP discovered a F rating after he booked, but the bottom line is that BBB ratings are not very reliable, because they are not exactly neutral. The businesses that display the BBB logo have in many cases paid a fee for this, and it would be the last place I'd look for a quality rating, especially when it comes to air travel.

Customers are more likely to make a complaint, while satisfied customers hardly ever post, and the same goes for posts on BBB.

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8. Re: Cheapbestfare.com will sell you unusable ticket

Would you get surgery through a site called "cheapbestdoctors"?


Or if taking your car in for service would you use CheapoBrakes? This is a lost cause for our paragraph free friend.

I did some basic research, unlike the OP, and it's a "company" set up last year, apparently based in Chicago with a supposed California certificate of travel. So obviously nothing wrong there. :-^(

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9. Re: Cheapbestfare.com will sell you unusable ticket

Cancelled our reservation without even notifying us!! I have never in my life experienced anything like this in my travels. We noticed that there was a refund for our transaction a couple days after our booking. When I called to find out wtf happened, I was told that it's their policy to make contact with the travelers in order to verify the booking (there was ZERO mention of this validation step in the entire booking process or the confirmation email we received, also I have never heard of such a policy in my life). They said they attempted to call both phone #s, left voicemails, and sent emails attempting to reach us. This is 100% false - neither of us had ANY calls in our logs, voicemails, or emails from them (after the initial email we got from the booking). They offered to rebook over the phone, but for significantly higher price, and said there were only 3 seats left. I was able to book directly through the actual airlines, for much better price, and could see there was plenty of seats on the flights. I can come to no other conclusion that this agency is downright fraudulent (incompetence doesn't explain it). I recommend that no one use this agency, use another agency or else book directly through the airlines. An unbelievably terrible customer experience. I hope this company either gets totally overhauled or else goes out of business, so that others don't get screwed over. In hindsight, learning lesson is to not trust booking agencies and whenever possible book directly with the airlines. Yeah I guess a "rookie mistake," but in all my travels I've never had an agency do something like this.

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10. Re: Cheapbestfare.com will sell you unusable ticket

Lucky escape and good that you got your refund quickly

This is not unusual practice with agencies that do not have live pricing, generally they contact to request more money or tell you that you will need to wait weeks for a refund if you don't want to pay the real price

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