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W L Goodfellows & Co

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Fri, 18/1


Our specialty fruit smoothies are made from all-natural fruits w/ no preservatives. Choose a favorite from our list below or make your own creation from our fruit flavors. Blended w/ ice until creamy, cool & refreshing
Island Smoothie
Mango, passion fruit, pineapple & coconut blended w/ ice.
Geneya Mocktail
Strawberries, bananas & coconuts blended w/ ice.
Takes Two to Mango
Mango &‏ passion fruit blended w/ pineapple juice.
Caribbean Passion
Passion fruit, mango, wild berry & strawberries w/ juice.
Mango & Coconut Dreams
Mangos blended‏ w/ our creamy pina colada & fruit juices makes for a refreshing fruit sensation in a glass.
Wild Berry Bliss
Our wild berry blend of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries & blueberries blended w/ ice.
Banana Berry Burst
Our wild berry blend of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries & blueberries blended w/ bananas & pineapple juice.
Take One for the Road
All of our smoothies, barista café beverages & soft drinks are ready for a road trip.Take one along for the ride
Tahitian Teaser
A goodfellows‏ original, malibu coconut rum mixed w/ tropical fruit to create this refreshing frozen cooler.
Coookie Monater
Oreo cookies chunks blended w/ eddy’s vanilla ice cream & crème de menthe.
Banana Split
A blend of bananas, amaretto liqueur & vanilla ice cream. You have to taste it to believe it.
Strawbeerry Shortcake
A blend of amaretto liqueur, eddy’s vanilla ice cream & strawberries. Treat yourself.
Tropicl Freeze
Cruzan banana rum & ice blended w/ mangos, passion fruit & coconuts.
Wild Mango Cream
Wild berries & mangos w/ eddy’s vanilla ice cream blended w/ parrot bay coconut rum.
Monkey Business
A goodfellows original. Eddy’s chocolate ice cream, blended w/ fresh bananas crème de cacao & banana liqueur.
Rumrunner Freeze
Fresh bananas, blackberries, citrus fruit & cherries spiked w/ light rum, blended w/ ice w/ a float of bacardi 151.
Orange Dreamsicls
Amaretto liqueur, vanilla ice cream & orange juice. Tastes like the ice cream pop!
Nuts & Berries
Frangelico & carolan’s irish cream blended w/ vanilla ice cream & four types of berries. It’s berry-licious.
Below is our list of delicious frozen daiquiris, creamy coladas & magnificent margaritas. All are made w/ sweet, fresh fruits & blended ice.
Delicious Daiquiri Flavors:
Mango strawberry wild berry blend passion fruit. Guava, strawberry-banana & banana.
Creamy Coladas Flavors
Pina colada, mango-banana, banana, guava, melon. Strawberry & strawberry-banana
Frosty, Fruity Margarita Flavors:
Traditional lime, tropical mango. & Fruity strawberry, frosty strawberry-banana & very berry framboies
Rainbow Sherbert Margarita
Tequila, triple sec, rainbow sherbert & juices make fir this unusual creamy concoction
Sjoe cuervo gold tequila, creamy rnangoes & we blended to smooth perfection.
Below is our list of original & popular martinis & classic cocktails. Many of our martini recipes feature sobieski rye vodka, rated as one of the top five vodkas & known for its smoothness. Enjoy one of our martini selections w/ a friend or a perfect stranger.
Absolut kurant vodka, lime juice & cranberry juice.
White Chocolate Martini
Sobieski vodka, godiva white chocolate liqueur.
Key Lime Martini
Sobieski vanilia vodka, lime juice, triple sec & pineapple juice.
Beefeater gin, campari & sweet vermouth.
Jack Rose
Laird’s applejack brandy, lemon & lime juices & grenadine.
The Grape Hou-Tini
Sobieski vodka & grape pucker.
Cotton Candy
Pinnacle cotton candy vodka, fruit juices & grenadine.
Washington Apple
Crown royal,‏ sour apple pucker liqueur & cranberry juice.
Prickly Pear-Tini
Absolut pears, apple juice & grenadine.
Soup of the Day
Made from scratch only the freshest of ingredients. Always hot & delicious
Goodfellows Sampler
A sampling of our most popular appetizers, including our original mozzarella planks, cheddar & bacon potato skins, buf fellow wings & chicken,
Lobster Mac N' Cheese
Not your ordinary macaroni & cheese! We start w/ chunks of sweet lobster meat tossed together w/ our rich blend of gruyere & wisconsin cheddar cheeses. Baked au gratin style w/ a light coating of our parmesan panko seasoned crumbs
Eggplant Rollatini
Thinly sliced fresh eggplant egg dipped & lightly breaded. stuffed w/ our seasoned ricotta & Italian cheeses. oven baked bubbly brown & served w/ marinara sauce
Spinach & Artichoke Pita Dip Arita
You'll always find the extraordinary at gooffellows. This creamy blend of spinach, artichokke hearts, parmesan cheese & seasioning is served warm w/ toasted pita chips covered w/ diced plum tomatoes, scallions & melted jack & cheddar cheese. Enough fro two
Crispy Thai Shrimp
Large, tender shrimp dredged in our seasonal batter & crispy fried. Tossed in our spicy asian remoulade sauce spiked w/ an extra blast of heat
Onion Soup
Our original recipe is made thick w/ onions & baked w/ a blanket of swiss cheese.
Red Pepper Risotto Balls
Mozzarella cheese‏ & a roasted red pepper ragu encased in classic arborio risotto balls. Lightly breaded then fried golden. Served on a island of our house made marinara w/ a shaving of parmesan cheese.
Beer Battered Buf- Fellows Strips
Boneless chicken strips dipped in beer & dredged in our seasonal batter. Fried golden brown then tossed in goodfellows spicy, hot buf- fellows spicy, hot bef-fellow wing sauce
Buf- Fellow Wings
Our original‏ hot sauce draped over plump, juicy, meaty wings are full of flavor, hot & spicy. We sell thousands of these chicken wings. Served w/ bleu cheese dressing & celery
our extraordinary Italian crust, san marzano tomatoes, the finest cheeses & imported ingredients are in every goodfellows’ pizza. it’s a tradition our great grandmother started years ago of preparing food w/ love & care. it’s five generations of goodness in every bite!
Personal $+ 8
Thin personal $10.00
Large $12.00
Thin large $14.00
Classic Cheese Pizza
Topped w/‏ our plum tomato sauce & special blend of mozzarella cheese.
Personal $10.00
Thin personal $12.00
Large $15.00
Thin large $17.00
Classic White Pizza
Fresh crushed garlic, olive oil, ricotta & mozzarella cheese.
Personal $10.00
Thin personal $12.00
Large $16.00
Thin large $18.00
Nona's Margherita Pizza
Our great-grandmom’s favorite & the original that started it all! Fresh mozzarella cheese & our san marzano tomato sauce.Topped w/ a chiffonade of fresh basil leaves.
Personal $11.00
Thin personal $13.00
Large $17.00
Thin large $19.00
Buf-Fellow Chicken Pizza
Chicken chunks tossed in our buf-fellow sauce, layered on a pizza crust w/ hot sauce then topped w/ mozzarella cheese.
Large $16.00
Thin large $18.00
Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan Pizza
Pinwheels of lightly breaded eggplant stuffed w/ seasoned ricotta cheese generously placed over a layer of sauce on our hand-pulled crust. Topped w/ mozzarella cheese & baked to perfection.
Personal $11.00
Large $18.00
Thin large $20.00
Cajun Chicken Alfredo Pizza
We start w/ our original parmesan alfredo sauce, lots of our spicy cajun chicken & mozzarella cheese. The aroma is delicioso!
Personal $12.00
Thin personal $14.00
Large $20.00
Thin large $22.00
Cheese Steak Sub Pizza
Our authentic crust w/ thin-sliced sirloin steak & mozzarella cheeses. Topped w/ shredded lettuce, tomato, onions & oil.
Personal $11.00
Thin personal $13.00
Large $15.00
Thin large $17.00
Sausage Fresco
not your ordinary sausage pizza! we use fresh, sweet Italian sausage nuggets & generously placed over this pie.
Large $18.00
Thin large $20.00
Pesto Chicken Pizza
Coated in a layer of freshly prepared basil pesto sauce. Topped w/ chicken & layered w/ mozzarella cheeses.
Personal $11.00
Thin personal $13.00
Large $18.00
Thin large $20.00
California Avocado Pie
Fresh sliced ripe avocado, san marzano tomato strips, crushed garlic, olive oil & mozzarella cheese.
Large $16.00
Thin large $19.00
Pizza Bolognese
now that’s Italian! our famous pizza crust topped w/ goodfellows hearty bolognese meat sauce. finished w/ layer of mozzarella cheese
Personal $9.00
Thin personal $11.00
Large $14.00
Thin large $16.00
Trenton Tomato Pie
As legend has it, this backwards tomato pizza originated in trenton, nj. Our tomato pies are made the same way, crust first, then cheese & lots of our tomato sauce.
Loaded Calzone
pepperoni, meatballs, spicy Italian ham, mushrooms, ricotta & mozzarella cheeses. served w/ tomato sauce for dunkin’.
Pepperoni Calzone
Hey! We got your pepperoni & plenty of it! Layers of thin sliced pepperoni, encased in our fresh baked pizza dough w/ mozzarella & ricotta cheeses. Served w/ a side of our tomato sauce.
Classic Calzone
spicy Italian ham, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce for dunkin’.
Meatball Calzone
It’s a meatball lovers paradise! Our homemade, hand-rolled meatballs. Surrounded by an island of mozzarella & ricotta cheese. Served w/ a side of our plum tomato sauce.
Cheesesteak Calzone
Stuffed w/ thin chip steak, fried onions & lot’s of mozzarella cheese. With a side of tomato sauce.
White Broccoli Calzone
Broccoli florets stuffed inside a pillow of our fresh pizza dough w/ chopped garlic, mozzarella & ricotta cheeses. Served w/ tomato sauce for dippin’.
Enjoy a barista café specialty or drink. A perfect match for any of our delicious desserts or just sipping one w/ friends.
Goodfellows Cappuccino
Carolan’s irish cream & kahlua.We made it famous!
Hot Butterscotch
Creamy cappuccino, amaretto & butterscotch schnapps. The first sundae you can enjoy without using a spoon.
Raspberry Mousse
Creamy cappuccino laced w/ carolan’s irish cream & chambord liqueur.
Chocolate Raspberry
Godiva white chocolate liquor, raspberry liqueur, espresso & steamed milk.
Double Espresso
Café Latte
Café Mocha
We've been building the best burgers for more then 26 years. Featured in the local media, our burgers are an all time favorite. Made from ground sirloin, fresh, never frozen! Broiled over an open flame & cooked to your liking.All burgers are served on a toasted brioche roll w/ a dill pickle & choice of potato chips or cole slaw. Substitute your chips or cole slaw for a selection below at an additional charge.
Goodfellow Burger
Our all-time, most popular & famous burger is seared over & open flame. Topped w/ aged cheddar cheese & strip sof applewood smoked bacon.
Texas B.B.Q Ham-Burger
Here’s a great big B.B.Q. Flavor for ya pardner we start w/ one of our sirloin burgers & slather on the sauce & cook it just the way you like it. Topped w/ grilled onions, slices of grilled smokey B.B.Q ham & melted cheddar cheese.
Rajun Cajun Burger
Suthen' folks luv deez. Y'all will too! Our spicy louisiana sensation’ starts w/ a fresh ground sirloin burger coated w/ our famous rajun’ cajun’ seasoning & grilled on an open flame. Topped w/ sautéed onions & provolone cheese.
Pepper-Jack Avocado Stack Burger
Our broiled sirloin burger stacked w/ sliced pepper jack cheese, smoked applewood bacon, fresh avocado slices, tomato & a ring of red onion.
American Burger
Made in the u.s.a., this classic burger favorite represents the heart & soul of America. topped w/ melted American cheese.
paisan Italiano burger
ay paisan, you gonna love our new Italian creation, fo’get aboout’it! coated in our special blend of 12 Italian seasonings then flame broiled. topped w/ provolone cheese & slices of sizzling pepperoni.
Double stack $+4.00
Turkey Burger
This burger is one big turkey. Lean ground turkey grilled & topped w/ sautéed onions & aged cheddar cheese.
Garden Burger
Made from‏ a selection of mushrooms, onions, grains, low-fat cheeses & spices. Topped w/ melted cheddar, green leaf lettuce, sliced tomato & red onion.
Black N' Bluez Burger
We’ve jazzed up the bluez! This hand-pressed, fresh beef burger is coated w/ our famous rajun’ cajun’ seasoning & grilled over an open flame. Melted over w/ a copious quantity of tangy gorgonzola cheese & topped w/ strips of bacon.
Our extensive menu features Gourmet Burgers, Creative Sandwiches and Cool, Crisp Salads on the lunch side.For the hungry dinner appetite our specialties include Sweet Thai Chili Glazed Mahimahi, Maryland Style Crab Cakes, Shrimp & Asparagus Summer Style, Lasagne, Chicken Pot Pie, Roasted Herbed Chicken, Sizzling Fajitas, Fresh Cut Steaks, B.B.Q. Baby Back Ribs, Italian and Stir Frys and Our Famous Original French Fried Lobster Tails. Have a warm “Apple Crisp” for dessert. A solid craft beer menu featuring over 80 bottles and pouring 12 rotating Craft Beers. Half Price Happy Hours from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 Monday thru Fridays includes house drinks, domestic and imported bottled beers and most appetizers.
US$8 - US$18
Special Diets
Vegetarian Friendly
Lunch, Dinner, After-hours
American, Bar
Takeout, Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Buffet, Seating, Waitstaff, Parking Available, Free Off-Street Parking, Television, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Accepts American Express, Accepts Mastercard, Accepts Visa, Accepts Discover, Free Wifi
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All reviews fried lobster tail pizza chops caesar salad sandwiches chicken tenders atlantic city close to our hotel nice atmosphere thin crust my fav huge menu wing night great burgers great happy hour great place to eat were seated promptly
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Reviewed 11 December 2018

My husband enjoyed pulled pork with side dishes. I had a juicy 'American' burger with cheddar cheese, pickle, and fries. Both dishes were very well prepared and the hamburger meat was good quality beef.

Date of visit: December 2018
Thank sassygirl59
Reviewed 24 November 2018 via mobile

This restaurant is very nice the staff is excellent they treat you very nice the food is very good they make very good pizza they have an excellent happy hour very good prices plenty of room for families I would recommend it

Date of visit: November 2018
Thank Wroehrig
Reviewed 19 September 2018

After a very long day we came here for dinner. There was no wait which was a great plus after a horrible dinner experience the night before. The waitress approached us almost immediately and took our drink orders. When we were ready to order we...More

Date of visit: August 2018
Thank Nina P
Reviewed 1 September 2018

This restaurant seems very dated. The staff seems robotic. Place was very dark coming in from the street. There were no cars in the parking lot. Food was poor. We entered because we wanted breakfast, as it was posted on the sign outside, but waitress...More

Date of visit: July 2018
Thank louvic72
Reviewed 27 August 2018

This place is so close to our hotel its an obvious choice to eat Last time we have bad service but this tie was very good - Food is always good - bar was packed for a Thursday night

Date of visit: August 2018
Thank D C
Reviewed 19 August 2018

Great place to dine and it was close to the hampton Inn... Well return on our visit in Oct. 2018. The crab cakes were pretty good

Date of visit: August 2018
Thank newdaddy56
Reviewed 4 August 2018 via mobile

Last minute weekend trip to OCNJ. Staying near this restaurant we decided to try it out. Was a little dark in the dinning area, but no biggie. I went with the Cajun Pork Chops. Holy smokes were they good! Juicy and spicy and you get...More

Date of visit: August 2018
Thank mikesS7973ZI
Reviewed 2 August 2018 via mobile

This restaurant has a large selection of food on their menu. Food was delicious. Alcohol served. Waitress was friendly and gave us great service. They have fried lobster tails which I never had before. Great atmosphere too!

Date of visit: August 2018
Thank Mary G
Reviewed 22 July 2018 via mobile

My family and I ate here last night and the experience was absolutely unacceptable. We have been coming here for many years but will not be returning. There were 7 of us and 3 meals were inedible. Two were plain steak sandwiches. The steak on...More

Date of visit: July 2018
1  Thank katiegiancaspro
Reviewed 21 July 2018

This restaurant was convenient to our hotel so we stopped in for dinner. It’s nicely decorated and feels very comfy. The bar area was active but the dining area wasn’t too busy. We shared the bruschetta which was freshly made and a large portion. My...More

Date of visit: July 2018
Thank Mike353632
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