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SFJoined in Feb 2008
I look for value & gems in traveling. I have lived, worked and visited many countries with my family. I have camped many times in Australian outback and Masai Mara, Kenya, have experienced the world's best in flights, hotels, foods, etc. I have found that the best experience in traveling comes from small things such as petting giraffe, baby rhino & elephants, peaking at a hippo eating grass 10 ft from our tent in Masai Mara, Kenya, looking up the stars in outback, feeding wallabies, napping with kangaroos in Australia, soaking in unspoiled whole river hot springs, whale watching/hearing underwater, talking to locals, etc. My favorite places are Machu Picchu in Peru, Tallampaya, Iguacu Falls in Argentina, Pebbly Beach, Sydney Harbor in Australia, Caribbean Islands, Rio, Belize, Tikal, Mara in Kenya, Istanbul. I am a TAC member, a sailor & also a member of the Japanese solar car team who won the 2007 WSC. We have 5 cats & are fostering two baby elephants & a rhino in Kenya.
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