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Cape Town Central, South AfricaJoined in Aug 2009
Born in France but lived in South Africa for so long that I consider it my home. I haven't explored every corner of the country but I know the Western Cape extremely well. After years of helping my and my friends foreign visitors explore the region, it was an obvious progression to enter the tourism industry when I became tired of a corporate career. Now I am a qualified Western Cape tour guide and I run a small tourism business. I love showing off this region and sharing with curious visitors the scenic and historic aspects of this wonderful country. South Africa is like an onion - peel a layer and you find another one; our history is a short but fascinating one and it's about far more than the infamous apartheid and the famous Nelson Mandela. It's about pioneers and slavery and skulduggery and courage and multi-faceted characters. Come and tour with me and I'll tell you all about it. I can arrange accommodation in Cape Town and give you advice about the rest of the country.
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