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Swamp Lake 4x4 Trail

Very steep with large boulders. Great camping along route.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 13.4 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Contrary to what its name implies, Swamp Lake Trail is a high-elevation mountain route climbing to 9,600 feet at one point. Although... more »

Tips:  Travel with a group. You may need help on this one. Allow plenty of time.

Trail conditions can change without notice. FunTreks, Inc.... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start Here

Google mapping directions will get you to this point. Look for gate and sign that says "Swamp Route."

2. Camping and Picnic Table

After climbing through harvested forest, you'll cross a rocky shelf road and continue to climb to a good campspot with log picnic table. You are at the top of a ridge here at 9,300 ft. Just prior to this point you passed a hiking trail that went down to Hatch Lake. After campspot the trail descends rapidily down switchbacks.

3. Creek Crossing

You'll cross the south fork of Dinkey Creek. Main trail continues to left. Right goes to Mud Lakes (private property).

4. Nasty Downhill Spot

Careful here. One misplaced tire could result in a rollover.

5. Rooster Rock

Follow faint trail around right side of unnamed lake. You'll soon come to an extremely steep wall of granite called Rooster Rock. Be careful not to get sideways on the hill. This is followed by another steep climb with a narrow slot at the top. Winching may be necessary to squeeze through here.

6. Highest Point of Trail

You reach the highest point of the trail about 9,600 feet, and start down the other side.

7. Swamp Lake

Trail continues to left. Right goes down to Swamp Lake and campsites.

8. Difficult Boulder Field

Difficult boulder field and descent to Miningtown Meadow. Your driving skills will be tested here.

9. Stay Left

Stay left where a road from a mine joins on the right.

10. Seasonal Gate

Trail ends at a seasonal gate. You'll find parking for the Dinkey Creek Hiking Trailhead.

11. Dinky Creek Road

Follow Forest Roads 9S62 and 9S10 to Rock Creek Road, which heads south to paved Dinkey Creek Road. Turn right here to return to Shaver Lake.