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San Antonio Mission Tour

There's a trail that guides people from each of the missions in San Antonio.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 7.1 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Through the rest of 2012, you'll need to drive along this tour. But starting in 2013, the restoration work should be finished on the... more »

Tips:  You'll need good shoes if you decide to hike the mission trail and don't forget water and food. You don't have to have a full hiking... more »

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Points of Interest

Mission Concepción's church is the oldest unrestored stone church in the country and it is the only church in San Antonio that hasn't lost its roof or walls. Since the original structure still stands, visitors can see some early frescoes in some rooms. Before Texas weather and time eroded parts of the building's decorative elements, there were... More

Mission San José is the most complete mission in San Antonio due to a project in the 1930s by the Works Project Administration which was supported and funded by the San Antonio Conservation Society and U.S. federal government. It stands as a good example of what life would have been and how it would have looked in the mid 1700s.

Most of the... More

Mission San Juan Capistrano was originally founded in 1716 as Mission San José de los Nazonis in eastern Texas to minister to the Nazonis Indians. However it wasn't successful and moved in 1731 to its present location in San Antonio.

The church that stands today, a friary, and granary were completed in 1756.

San Juan was a thriving community and... More

Mission Espada was the first mission established in what is now Texas. It was founded in 1690, originally called San Francisco de los Tejas near what is now Weches, Texas. The mission moved to what is now San Antonio in 1731 and was renamed Mission San Francisco de la Espada. The church was completed in 1756 and the friary in 1745.

Look around... More