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Old North Bridge - Minute Man National Historic Park

Take a walk through history to the first shots of the Revolutionary War that gave birth to this country.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.3 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Take a walk/ride from downtown Concord to where the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired at British Soldiers. You'll find ... more »

Tips:  Follow a map or GPS to Concord, MA. Good luck finding parking. Bring lots of quarters for meters.

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Points of Interest

1. Downtown Concord

Find a place to park on the side of the road and start your walk or ride from here. You will be following Monument Street to the North Bridge area via the sidewalk.

2. Concord Battleground

Here you are passing the historical Concord Battleground in the woods on the left side of the road. I believe there are a few trails that lead into this area with some interpretive signs explaining the history of the area if you are interested.

3. Old Manse House

The birthplace of American Philosophy. Read more in the guide links.

4. British Soldier Monument and Grave

A monunment to the British Soldiers who first gave their lives in the Revolutionary War.

This is where the first shots of the Revolutionary War took place. The British retreated to this bridge when the Minute Men fired the first shots, igniting the war that gave birth to our country.

6. Minute Man Monument

A monument commemorating the Minute Men of the Revolutionary War that took up arms against the British for the first time at this location. It was known as the "Shot heard round the world".

7. Ephraim & Willard Buttrick Houses

Around these tiny houses was where the British first understood that they had a fight ahead of them with the local militia.

Go inside to learn much more about the history of the North Bridge area and make sure to take a stroll around the grounds to see the flowers at the end of your walk/ride.