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Cochran Mill Park

Quiet park in South Fulton offers waterfalls, rock formations and plenty of nature
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.3 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Cochran Mill park is located in Fulton County, near Palmetto, GA. There are several miles of trails, with several side trails or... more »

Tips:  Bug spray is a must, ticks are prevalent. Side trails can become confusing. Stick to the main trail if you're not familiar with the ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking Lot

Parking for Cochran Mill Park. Gravel lot. Parking Fee, $5 daily. An annual pass is also available from the city, http://chatthillsga.us/

2. Alternate Trail Head

Short trail through the woods begins at the far end of the parking lot. It meets up with the main trail/road by the footbridge.

3. Restrooms


4. Playground

Bring the kids and let them play at the playground. Needs a bit of repair, but still fun. There's also a pavilion and picnic tables.

5. Gate. Leads to bridge and falls.

Across Cochran Mill road and a short walk down a gravel road, will bring you to an old bridge, some mill ruins and a small falls. It's a popular place in the summer. There's also trails on this side. A bit further down is the Cochran Mill Nature Center. There's a small fee for non-members ($3 adults, $2 kids), but the have many rescued animals... More

6. Footbridge

Footbridge and bench courtesy of local Boy Scouts.

7. Rico Tatum Road

Google shows a road here, but there's only the remains of a road bed beyond these rocks. .

8. Alternate Trail

This trail leads to the far end of the field. It makes a good alternative to walking the gravel road. if you take it, it will exit the woods at the far end of the field. Enjoy the walk past a swampy area, through the field, and back to connect with one of the other trails.

9. Trail Offshoot

Another side trail. This one also leads to the field, exiting at the center of the field.

10. 'H" Trail

Cutting across the field here will lead to the start of the trail marked with small signs bearing the letter "H"

11. End of Road, Switchback

The road will end here at a gate. The trail begins as a kind of switchback to the road.

12. Cemetery

Old remnants of a small cemetery. Small stone markers only.

13. First Creek Crossing

Small creek crossing. I can jump this one when the weather has been dry. After a good rain you may get your feet wet.

14. Second Creek Crossing

This is the second creek crossing on the "H" trail. If you're a good jumper, you may be able to jump this one when it has been very dry. Otherwise, plan to get your feet wet. The water is usually shallow, ankle deep most times. The trail continues on both sides of the creek, so don't miss this crossing.

15. Falls

At the end of the Cochran Mill Park property, there is a small falls at a rock formation. After this point, there is very little to see. I usually turn around and head back after a break here.

16. Geocache

Cochran Mill has several Geocaches hidden throughout the park. Geocaching is like a treasure hunt using a GPS. For more information, visit: http://www.geocaching.com

17. Picnic Table

Stop for lunch at a shaded picnic table in the corner of the field.

18. Gray Rat Snake

Common, Non-venomous snake. You may see these snakes stretched out in a kinked position.

19. Snake Face Rock

Cochran Mill park has several large rock formations throughout the park. This one bears a resemblance to the face of a snake.