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Arnold Arboretum

Take a break from the urban life and escape to this arboretum for some solitude among the various tree species
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.9 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This guide covers all the major areas of interest within the Arnold Arboretum located just south of Boston in the Forest HIlls area of... more »

Tips:  Directions:
By subway (Boston T) take the Forest Hills Exit (the last one) and look for signs pointing to the arboretum when you exit ... more »

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Points of Interest

Here you will find the visitor center. It is open 9-4pm weekdays, 10-4pm Saturdays and noon-4pm Sundays. Stop inside to pick up a map of the area and learn about the various plant species you will see in this guide.

2. The Meadow

A nice place to relax in the sun or have a picnic.

3. Leventritt Vine and Shrub Garden

Click the link in the guide details for more information about this area.

4. Bussey Hill

Make sure you take a trip up to this height of land and make sure you read the interpretive signs and look for the Chinese Path at the top of the hill.

5. Oak Path

Take a stoll through some huge oak trees in this area.

6. Conifers

This path will take you along a forest of various coniferous species.

7. Peters Hill

From the top of this hill you'll have nice views.

8. Hemlock Hill

Take a walk through a forest of beautiful hemlock trees in this area.

9. Bussey Brook

Leave the road here and go for a stroll along the stream. Look for bonzai trees in this area.

10. Forsythia Bank

Look for these plants in this area.

11. Lilac Path

As you walk down this path you will be surrounded by lilac plants. Make sure to read the signs which indicate the time of year each species blooms.

12. The Ponds Area

I really like the landscape in this area. Check out the various tree species that surround this watery area. The three ponds are Rehder, Dawson, and Faxon.