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White River State Trail

Easy former rail line trail from Elkhorn to Burlington, WI through beautiful glacial plains landscape.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 11.4 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  The White River Trail is a beautiful, flat, easy, 12-mile trail former SOO rail line passing by numerous bridges, scenic vistas,... more »

Tips:  Each bicyclist age 16 or older needs a Wisconsin State Trail Pass while using the trail. Passes are available at several location on... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Elkhorn Trailhead

The Elkhorn trailhead, located on CTH H just south of Elkhorn, is the western terminus of the White River State Trail.

The trailhead has parking, a portable toliet, display board with trail information, an "iron ranger" self-pay station to accept trail pass fees, and an access spur across CTH H connecting to an on-road bike route on Proctor Drive... More

2. Hwy 12 Underpass

The trail passes under Hwy. 12. There is no access to Hwy. 12.

3. MacLean Road Intersection

The trail intersects MacLean road.

4. CTH NN Trailhead

The CTH NN trailhead is located as the trail crosses CTH NN. There is ample parking, an display board with trail information, and an "iron ranger" self-pay station for trail fees.

5. Como Creek Overlook

The trail passes over Como Creek far below providing dramatic panoramic views. Despite the signifigant relief from the trail to the creek below, the trail remains virtually flat through this section. Two benchs offer a place to rest and soak in the view.

6. Bowers Road

The trail intersects Bowers Road.

7. Weeks Road

A short bridge straddling Ore Creek preceeds the intersection with Weeks Road.

8. Springfield Trailhead

Your arrival into Springfield, WI is preceeded by a bridge spanning another leg of Ore Creek. Springfield is at the intersection of the trail and Hwy. 120.
Springfield's history as a stop on the old railway can still be seen today-the former depot now currently serves trail riders as a cafe with drinks, snacks, restrooms, parking, and trail passes... More

9. State Road 36 Underpass

The trail passes under State Road 36.

10. Church Street Intersection

The trail intersects Church Street as it enters Lyons.

11. Lyons Trailhead

The Lyons trailhead is at the intersection of the trail and Mill Street in Lyons, WI. There is ample parking, a restaurant, and a grocery store.

12. White River Bridge

A large bridge crosses the White River.

13. Burlington Trailhead

The eastern terminus of the White River State Trail is just outside Burlington, WI near the intersection of State Road 36 and the Burlington Bypass 11/83.

The trailhead has parking, a display board with trail information, and an "iron ranger" self-pay station for trail fees.

Burlington, WI lies just Northeast via State Road 36 on the Fox River. ... More

14. Proctor Drive Access

Access spur leading from Proctor Drive eastward to the the Elkhorn Trailhead on CTH H.

15. Old tressel farm bridge

Just north of the trail, an old tressle farm bridge spans the White River.