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ESNP Single Track

Black Forest, TNT and Log Rhythm: 9.5 solid miles of single track at Enterprise South Nature Park.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 9.5 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours

Overview :  There are 3 sections of single track at Enterprise South Nature Park: Black Forest, TNT, and Log Rhythm. The trails are very runnable ... more »

Tips:  They are primarily mountain bike trails so listen closely for bikers who will come on quickly on some of the downhill sections. Just... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Start

Park in gravel lot .7 miles into park on right and follow Connector Trail.

2. Meet BFM

Bunker 100, turn right onto BFM.

3. Black Forest Track

Black Forest is the easiest of the 3 tracks. It has some nice rolling hills and is plenty wide.

4. Loop of Black Forest

Black Forest ties back into self 1.8 miles later, turn right towards TNT.

5. Cross Road to TNT

For this course TNT is divided into 2 section: right and left. Take a right after crossing road, about 1.6 to bottom of TNT.

6. TNT

There are some rocky and rooty sections all along the tracks, but I find all 3 wide open and runnable.

7. Cross Road to Log Rythm

A right at the bottom of TNT takes you to another road crossing and over to Log Rythm.

8. Log Rhythm

Log Rhythm is always one-way and has a nice climb on the backside. It just never seems to have a downhill?

9. Mountain Bike Stuff

There are several options to run along trees instead of the path. Probably more dangerous on a bike.

10. Log Rhythm 2

There are several longer bike obstacles near the end of the trail.

11. Bottom of TNT

Once you arrive back to TNT, right turn and begin you climb back out. This section is a great workout uphill, twists, turns, rocks, roots, and many short rolling hills.

12. First turn TNT Left

The climb out of TNT first turn left.

13. Second Turn TNT Left

Then turn right.