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Washington Park - Complete Tour

Explore Washington Park and visit the Zoo, Pittock Mansion, Japanese & Rose Gardens, Hoyte Arboretum & Vietnam Memorial
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.7 miles
Duration: Full day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This guide uses the most popular and beautiful trails in Washington Park to connect you with all the major sites and attractions... more »

Tips:  Directions to Zoo Parking & Park South Entrance:
Take Rte 26 west from Portland and get off at exit 72.

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Points of Interest

1. Zoo Parking Lot.

Head off on signs towards the Vietnam Veterans Memorial across the street.

After visiting the memorial loop around it via the Dogwood Trail and head towards the Wildwood Trail. You will take the Wildwood trail briefly north to the Elderberry trail at POI #3.

3. Elderberry Trail

Turn right onto the Elderberry trail to begin your loop trip of Washington Park. This trail will bring you across Knights Blvd and onto the Overlook Trail.

4. Cross Knights Blvd

Cross the road and head up the hill towards the water tower. You will now be on the Overlook Trail.

Take a right around the water tank and head into the woods following the Wildwood Trail. You will have views of Mt. Hood from near here. If the Magnolia Trail is open and it is spring feel free to take the short loop trail from here to check out the flowers.

6. Y Intersection

Stay left at this intersection remaining in the woods as you descend.

7. Archery Range

Here you will leave the woods briefly near an archery range and then head back into the woods following Kingston Drive briefly around a corner.

8. Japanese Gardens & Rose Garden Option

Take a right here to visit the Portland Japanese Gardens and International Rose test garden. I've tried to lay out a track that will bring you to the rose garden without paying to get into the Japanese Gardens. If you have time lock your bike up and enter the Japanese Gardens for a relaxing stroll. When you get back to this intersection take a ... More


Check out the link in this guide for more information about this beautiful rose garden. You'll also have spectacular views over the city from here.


Take a right staying on the Wildwood Trail.

11. Johnson Creek

Turn right and descend the hillside down to a bridge over Johnson Creek and your next trail junction.

Take a right here to take a trip uphill to the historick Pittock Mansion through the Pittock Acres Park. You will cross W. Burnside Road on your way there.

You are now 1,000 feet above the city's skyline. Check the links in this guide for more information on the Mansion. When you are done taking photos head back the same way you came to the bridge over Johnson Creek.


Here you can take the Creek Trail or the Redwood Trail through the Arboretum. The track shows the Redwood Trail.

15. Spruce Trail

Head left here to cross Fischer Lane and then jump onto the Spruce trail to go visit the Arboretum visitor center.

Stop in here to learn more about the various tree and plant species in the arboretum. When you leave here head toward the Picnic Shelter across the street then jump on the Fir Trail and head towards the Wildwood Trail again.

17. Hemlock Trail

Head left on the Hemlock Trail which will quickly rejoin the Wildwood Trail that will bring you back to the parking lot via the bottom part of the Overlook Trail next to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

18. Overlook Trail

From the Wildwood trail near the upper parking lot jump on the Overlook Trail which will bring you back to the lower lot at the zoo.

If you get back from your hike and have time check out the zoo and the neighboring World Forestry Center. I've provided links in this guide with more information.