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St. Vrain Greenway

Follow the St. Vrain River through the heart of Longmont as you pass a cheese importer and microbrewery along the way.
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 8 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Starting at the beautiful Sandstone Ranch, the St. Vrain Greenway takes you all the way through Longmont from east of town to the... more »

Tips:  - Dogs aren't allowed on the furthest east (a little over a mile) portion of the trail due to wildlife concerns. Otherwise, they are... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Sandstone Ranch Community Park and trailhead parking

This trailhead is located a ways above the actual concrete trail and requires the use of a short winding gravel path down to the trail. Most bikes, recumbents, and Elliptigos should be able to handle this, but Trikkes, inline skates, and skateboards may not work so well on it. Road bikes may need to be walked or take a short detour on road.

2. East end of trail and historic homestead

This land was originally homesteaded by Morse Coffin in 1860. In 1998, the city of Longmont purchased the land and used part of it for a park, part of it for the trail, and part for open space.
The historic house is open on certain days (see enclosed website for days and hours) for self-guided tours. The property is always available for viewing.... More

3. County Rd. Trailhead

Dogs are allowed on the trail from this point west. This trailhead includes plenty of parking and restrooms.

4. 119th street

This trailhead is brand new and includes restroom facilities and ample parking. In fact, the facilities are so new that the restrooms weren't yet open when I toured the trail and a porta-potty (pictured) was provided instead.

5. Lefthand Creek Trail junction

This is one of many trail junctions for optional side trips. I have been told that this trail is scheduled to connect with a trail that runs all the way to Boulder, CO.

6. business loop

You can't go wrong here. Either of these routes takes you back to the main trail. The more narrow one will bring you nearer to the local businesses and to a good Italian restaurant and sandwich shop.

7. Main st.

All of the road crossing are below grade, so you don't have to worry about traffic. This trail is quite safe and relaxing.

8. Longmont Sundial

This landmark is considered "trail central." It is not the exact halfway point, but quite near it. It is also makes a good from which to explore a couple businesses featured in the next two "points of interest."

Near the sundial is a little business known as The Cheese Importer. It is well-known by the locals as a great place to stop for lunch, a snack, or, well, some cheese. Don't worry, they won't go all Monte Python on you when you ask if they do indeed have cheese.

Stop by for a brewski at this microbrewery located in sight of the trail. They don't open until 3:00 pm most days, so you'll have a long wait if you show up too early.

11. Izaak Walton Park

Visit the restrooms and watch the geese as they skim across the ponds.

12. Airport Road terminus

Although this technically is a tributary of the St. Vrain Greenway, it allows for a slightly longer ride.

13. Golden Ponds rest area

Find restrooms and picnic tables located here.