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Cherry Creek Trail

Explore a whole new Denver as you discover hidden parks, ritzy malls, swanky country clubs & a beautiful creekside path.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 11.2 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  If you haven't seen Denver from the Cherry Creek Trail, you haven't seen Denver. Starting at Confluence Park, on the Platte River... more »

Tips:  - This guide takes you as far as Cherry Creek Dam. You can go further on either side of the reservoir, but this guide is written for... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Confluence Park

This creek and trail junction makes a great starting spot for your trail sojourn. In addition to being scenic, it is also the junction of two major Denver trails. This is where the Platte River Trail and the Cherry Creek Trail come together.
This is also a nice starting spot because it is close to Denver B-cycles bike sharing stations, REI outdoor... More

2. Wazee St.

This is a good trail entrance/exit to access Coors Field, the most Denver B-cycle stations, Tattered Cover Book Store, and lots of good restaurants.

3. Denver Country Club

Golf anyone?
The Denver Country Club is noted for it's copious floral blooms that line the entryway and, fortunately for those of us on foot or bike, the Cherry Creek Trail.

This is an upscale mall that offers great browsing and shopping and is an especially nice escape on a hot summer afternoon.

5. Denver Parks and Sister Cities program

For a completely different trail experience, you may want of focus on the fascinating Sister Cities Parks that line the trail.
Denver has an exciting relationship with ten cities worldwide and has established educational signs for each one. Some of the Sister Cities Parks include: City of Potenza, City of Karmiel, City of Takayama, and City of... More

Why not make it an overnight bike trip? If you know an avid cyclist/trail-lover, this would make a nice gift; a day on the trail and a fun/romantic night in a trailside hotel.

This 12 acre enclosure includes a fascinating pioneer museum and Denver's oldest standing structure. Guided tours are available. You can see historic structures from the trail.

8. Highline Canal Trail West

This trail allows you to ride the Southeast Denver Loop Trail.

9. Highline Trail East

This trail, along with Cherry Creek Trail, is part of the Northeast Denver Loop Trail. (Guide available on Everytrail)

10. Hentzel & Babi Yar Parks

The Cherry Creek Trail travels by and through over a dozen parks.

11. Cherry Creek Dam & Reservoir

From this point, you can turn around and head back toward Confluence Park or continue riding on trails that surround the lake.

12. Creekside splendor

Enjoy the tranquility and scenery of Cherry Creek. Whether it is in the city or on the outskirts, this historic and scenic creek provides the lifeblood of the Cherry Creek Trail.