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Sharp Point Via Dry Lagoon

A Portion of the California Coastal Trail at Humboldt Lagoons SP

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 7.1 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Tucked away along the isolated coast of Del Norte County between the villages of Trinidad and Orick lies the largest lagoon system in ... more »

Tips:  Address:
15336 Highway 101
Trinidad, CA 95570


Location/ Directions
Humboldt Lagoons is located 40 miles... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Visitor Center

Park offices, museum, and bookstore. The site also hosts picnicking and a boat ramp.

2. Entrance Road

Entrance to Sharp Point and Dry Lagoon on HWY 101.

3. Parking

Parking at Dry Lagoon. Restroom and limited picnic seating available.

4. Trail Head

The hike starts as a beach walk at the southerly end of Dry Lagoon.

5. Sharp Point Trail

As the beach pinches out at the southerly base of the point, keep an eye out for both trail signage and the actual trail up onto the point.

The initial trail is pretty obvious- it looks like it's capable of handling the park's 4x4 trucks. This season it's been brushed very cleanly as a broad, single-vehicle wide road. The route follows an easy... More

6. View

As you round the first significant gully there will be sweeping views out over Dry Lagoon and the beach.

Shortly up the trail tree cover will provide shade but will unfortunately start blocking the view.

7. View

Rounding the southern hill of Sharp Point under heavy tree cover and on a broad avenue of a trail, we'll finally start to get a view across a valley splitting the point north from south.

The point where the trail doubles back on the other side of the valley is located about half way to the Stone Lagoon beach.

8. Bridge

A neat little A-Frame bridge.

9. Junction-Stone Lagoon Boat-In Campground

The trail forks. The lower trail heads down to the Stone Lagoon Boat-In Campground.

It's a short walk, so take a few minutes to go down and take a look. There's a nice lagoon and picnic area.

10. Bridge

A short bridge, more like a boardwalk, crosses a boggy creek area just outside the campground area entrance.

11. Camp Junction

The area around the campground outhouse naturally serves as the primary intersection for the entire campground. This is also the only restroom facility on this trail.

A few general notes:

1. The campground is easily accessible by both boaters and hikers.

2. There are at least three spots where the lagoon can be accessed though only one doesn't ... More

12. Steps to Beach

Access to the campground lagoon and a great little beach for pulling out canoes and kayaks. Definitely not a "sand beach" it's a great sheltered cove and has a lot of potential for fishing.

Overlooking the cove is an elevated platform with picnic bench, shade, and secure rings for tying boats. It also looks like it would be dry in any... More

13. Return to Junction

Return to the Coastal Trail. Take the unmarked upper trail to Stone Lagoon's southerly shoreline access and beach.

14. View

The first vista of Stone Lagoon.

15. Vista

The first real vista point overlooking Stone Lagoon.

16. Shoreline

The trail drops down to the shore at Stone Lagoon. The hike from this point becomes a cross country jaunt along the shoreline. There will be periodic short trails to follow.

This portion of the trail includes rocky shore, grasses, and many of the terrain features associated with wetlands area. An easy and attractive walk.

Turning the hike into a... More

17. Turning Point

Unless one's exploring the beach at Stone Lagoon, this is a turning point for the return trip. Retrace the route back.

18. Return to Junction

Return to WP 9, the Stone Lagoon Boat-In Campground trail.

19. Return to Dry Lagoon's Beach

Return to Dry Lagoon Beach.

20. End

Return to the parking lot.