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Russian Ridge, Mindego Hill, Borel Hill

Take a leisurely drive up Page Mill Road, then have a spectacular hike with views of the Pacific Ocean and the Bay!
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 10.1 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview :  Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve is easily accessible from Highway 280 in Silicon Valley. Head up the hill on Page Mill, and park... more »

Tips:  Bring water and comfortable shoes. You will be hiking in a variety of elevations and exposures, so some temperature changes can be... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Russian Ridge Parking Lot

Parking area is to your right just after Page Mill Road crosses Skyline Blvd, if you're headed westbound. Porta-potties are available. Don't leave your car past sunset when the gates are locked! Head up the hill to the top of the ridge!

2. A Mysterious Grave Marker!

Just after coming out of the forest and turning right on the old road, if you look carefully you'll see a small wooden cross to the right of a pine tree. It looks maybe 20 - 30 years old, as does the tree next to it. I suspect it was somebody's well-loved pet!

3. The Base of Mindego Hill

After passing by some open land, on a mostly level old road, you'll soon come to the end of what is open to the public. The "bull" sign is no longer there, but was meant to discourage people who REALLY wanted to go to the top of the hill. The property owner sold the land and took down the sign in 2008, but the land remains closed for now. Time to ... More

4. The Windmill!

During the long, scenic climb up from the base of Mindego Hill, you can see the summit of Mindego Hill is now below you. There are also panoramic views of the Silicon Valley side of the hill as well. At this turnaround point, there's a nice wood platform with benches, plus a classic windmill just a bit up the hill to your left.

5. Borel Hill, 2572 feet and panaromic views!

You're now at Borel Hill, with panoramic views of where you've been today and further out towards the bay and the coast. You'll see the short elevation sign, plus a bronze benchmark on teh ground if you look closely. A few miles to the east you can see the slightly taller Black Mountain, with the communication towers on top. From here, you're a... More