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Mountain Biking in Arastradero Preserve

Some of the best mountain biking trails in the Stanford area. A good variation of single and double track.
Rating: 3 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6.8 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour

Overview :  Arastradero park offers a network of good mountain biking trails. This guide suggests a 7 mile route that you can follow which hits... more »

Tips:  The trails in Arastradero are shared with hikers, runners and horse back riders. Be careful during descents and in fast turns.

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Points of Interest

1. Parking

The main entrance of the Pearson Arastradero Preserve is well marked and easily visible just off Arastradero Road. There is space for about 30 cars. The parking lot frequently fills up on nice weekends.

2. Trailhead (Gate A )

From the parking lot follow the road or the parallel trail for a short distance. Enter the main park area here.

This trail is called the Juan Batista de Anza Trail. This is a wide gravel trail that slopes up gently. Follow the trail for only about 150 yards before taking a left.

3. Wild Rye Trail

Make a left onto the single track Wild Rye Trail. This is the first climb. It's short, but steep. The trail was recently moved slightly to include 3 switch backs. The track that is used in this guide uses the old, steeper trail. Just follow the new trail.

4. Paso Del Roble Trail

On top of the climb make a slight right onto the Paso Del Roble Trail. The trail is quite level initially before dropping into a steep, but short descent with a fast left turn at the bottom around the small Arastradero Lake on your left. Be careful for other trail traffic here (hikers, horses, and other bikers) as you briefly rejoin the Juan... More

5. Arastradero Creek Trail

Still at full speed after your descent keep your left as you round the Arastradero Lake, to enter the Arastradero Creek Trail. This gravel fire road slopes up, initially gently, but has some steep sections. Follow this trail for about 3 quarters of a mile.

6. Woodrat Trail

Make a slight left onto the single track woodrat trail. This is the steepest section of the park, with some great uphill switchbacks that will test your equilibrium.

This is also the only part of the trail that is under tree cover. I encountered a mountain lion here once. It ran in front of me on the trail for a while before jumping away into... More

7. Meadowlark Trail

After a great climb the trail joins the Meadowlark Trail here. Follow this fire road for a little while.

8. Bowl Loop Trail

Leave the fireroad by heading pretty much straight ahead onto the single track Bowl Loop Trail, where the main trail slopes right. Follow this trail down and then steep up onto you hit the Bowl.

9. The Bowl

Go straight through the Bowl to the steep side. Try to make it without feet on the ground!

This is the highest point of this route.

Head right at the far end of the bowl and start a long descent.

10. Meadowlark Trail

Briefly rejoin the Meadowlark Trail during this fast descent.

11. Woodland Star Trail

Make a relatively sharp right onto the single track Woodland Star Trail. Soon you'll hit a fast left turn followed by several switch backs. Enjoy the speed! But be careful of other trail traffic.

12. Continue on Woodland Star Trail

Continue on Woodland Star Trail, which now becomes double track. After a while you see Arastradero Road and Gate B on your left.

13. Unnamed Trail

Leave the fire road and enter a steep single track straight up the hill. The climb is steep but short. Give it your all to keep your feet of the ground. On top you'll join the Meadowlark Trail . Keep right at any junctions during the single track descent.

14. De Anza Trail

At the bottom make a right onto the Anza Trail. The trail climbs gradually. Keep your right at any intersection.

15. Meadowlark Trail

Make a sharp right, and start a fast descent on Meadowlark trail. After a short distance you'll rejoin a trail section you were on previously.

Where the trail rejoins the De Anza trail, make a left instead of a right.

16. De Anza Trail - back to Gate A

Make a left here and follow De Anza trail to Gate A on your way to the final short loop on the North side of the Park. After you cross the road, make a left, and make a right at the beginning of the parking lot.

17. Redtail Loop Trail

Your final loop of this itinerary follows the Redtail Loop Trail, a 1.5 mile mostly single track trail. It starts of with a climb, followed by some ups and downs, and a final descent back to Arastradero road. The final short flat stretch next to the road brings you back to the parking lot.