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Three Tee's Trail via Icehouse Canyon

A long, scenic loop from Icehouse Canyon to the Three Tee's Trail covering Timber Mtn, Telegraph Peak, and Thunder Mtn.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 14.1 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Icehouse Canyon, nestled among cedar and pine, is a popular spot for casual hikers to enjoy alpine scenery and a year round stream. It... more »

Tips:  Display an Adventure Pass at the Icehouse parking lot. The Mt. Baldy Visitor Center sells them, maps, and issues permits required for ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Icehouse Canyon Trailhead

Before embarking, display a National Forest Adventure Pass in your vehicle. There is a big parking lot at the trailhead on Icehouse Canyon Rd. Make sure to have a permit issued by Mt. Baldy Visitor Center, which is 1.5 miles before the trailhead in Baldy Village.

2. Icehouse Creek

A year round stream flows through Icehouse Canyon, and the trail follows it for the first 2 miles. New Zealand Mudsnails have found their way into the water, so be sure to wash your boots if you go wading after your visit.

3. Icehouse Cabins

A number of private cabins reside along the first mile of trail, including ones that are being left to the elements.

4. Chapman Trail Junction

Approximately 1 mile in, the Chapman Trail forks to the left. Stay to the right.

5. View of San Antonio Canyon and Icehouse Saddle

Don't miss the views behind you of San Antonio Canyon. The depression of Icehouse Saddle and slopes of Timber Mountain are ahead.

6. Columbine Spring

AT 2.4 miles in, this is your last source for water. It is on the right side of the trail, just as you start ascending the switchbacks of Icehouse Saddle.

7. Icehouse Canyon Switchbacks

There are a handful of switchbacks that traverse the incline to Icehouse Saddle.

8. Icehouse Saddle

After reaching Icehouse Saddle, take a left towards the Three Tee's Trail and Timber Mountain which is 0.9 miles away. A right turn leads to Bighorn Peak, and Ontario Peak.

9. View of Telegraph Peak

After descending a few hundred feet from Timber Mtn, you'll start the ascent of Telegraph Peak. This presents a number of grueling switchbacks and a false summit. However, there are spectacular views of San Bernardino National Forest to the east.

10. Facing San Bernardino National Forest

Facing east, this section has panoramic views of San Gorgonio Mountain, the tallest peak in Southern California.

11. Top of Telegraph Peak

At an obvious junction, take a right to the top of Telegraph Peak, elevation 8,985 ft. There is a summit register and USGS marker. The peak has an unrivaled view of Mt. San Antonio (Mt. Baldy). There are hazardous slide areas that run off of the peak, so be careful. After taking in the view, backtrack to the junction and continue toward Thunder... More

12. Cedar Canyon

A forgotten nook between Thunder and Telegraph, Cedar Canyon is a beautiful section not to be overlooked.

13. Baldy Notch

Have a bite to eat at Top of The Notch restaurant, take the chairlift down, or hike down the dirt access road.

Note: photos taken during the day and at night are from separate trips.

14. Baldy Rd.

This is a dirt access route for Top of the Notch Restaurant, ski services, and as a general forest road. Vehicle traffic is closed to the public, but open for hikers. The road also gives access to the Devil's Backbone Rd. (from Baldy Notch it's up the slope of Mt. Harwood). This becomes a thin, narrow trail that summits Mt. Baldy.

15. San Antonio Falls

The last drop (pictured) is about 75 ft.

16. Paved Road Begins

Follow Mt. Baldy Rd back to the trailhead. Approximately 2.5 miles.

17. White Gate

Marks the end of Falls Rd. Take a right, heading downhill.

18. Manker Flat Campground

Open from May to October with 22 sites.