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Shanghai classic walking tour and the Bund

The Bund is the icon of Shanghai where magnificent old buildings recall it's glorious past & modern buildings its future
Rating: 4 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.7 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  One of the most recognisable landmark in Shanghai today is the Bund.There is a distinct contrast between the old and classical Bund at... more »

Tips:  Wear light clothing in summer, it is hot and humid in Shanghai. Don't forget to bring bottles of water and umbrellas or rain jackets.... more »

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Points of Interest

This museum is so unique that it is impossible not to include it in the itinerary.

This museum is really delightful and interesting, it narrates the past, present and future of the postal services in Shanghai. There are also replicas of the buildings; an elegant mail carriage in the courtyard; collection of early chinese stamps as well as... More

Built and established in 1846 during the Qing dynasty is one of the most prominent structure from the 18th century is now a a living museum with most of its original characteristics left intact.

In its history had enjoyed many firsts; It was one of the earliest to be lit by electric lamps in 1882, the first telephone in Shanghai was used in... More

Occupying the most strategic location in the Huangpu river,it serves as a major landmark in Shanghai. Built in the thirties, by Mr Bright Fraser, a architecture legend from UK, it forms a beautiful and historical contrast with the Waibaidu bridge.

Waibaidu bridge probably revered as the most significant bridge in Shanghai, it is also called the Garden Bridge by foreigners.

This artistic and industrial looking bridge made up by a mesh of metal frames. It is an unique historical icon as well, as it is the only surviving camel back steel bridge in China. The steel truss were imported from... More

Huangpu park, the earliest park in Shanghai settles neatly at the northen end of the Bund. It was the earliest park created in Shanghai and was closed off to the locals (Chinese citizens) in the french and european occupation. Now it also serves as a popular recreation park to the locals.

Next to the park is the Monument of the People's Heroes ... More

6. ICBC Building, 24 on the Bund

The Industrial and Commercial Bank Building or otherwise 24 on the Bund, is a fine historical showpiece. A glance into history and how a bank could look like in old Shanghai - grand exterior and a charming and intimate interior. A high luxurious glass ceiling right in the center of the hall adds glamour to the building.

20 on the Bund or the Sassoon building, has a magnificent 1600msq octagonal glass ceiling. Now it houses the 5 star hotel, Fairmont Peace hotel. This hotel has seen many famous personalities like Charlie Chaplin, General Marshall and George Bernard Shaw.

The Old Jazz Bar Band is located here evoking golden memories of yesteryears.

One of the most significant and probably the most glamourous building along the bund. Exterior of the building is in neoclassicism style and you would be awed the moment you stepped into the building. You can see 4 complete exquisite marbled iconic orders. These are so rare that there are only 6 of them in the world today, the other two are in... More

Formerly known as Shanghai Club for the elites, now this building been restored to its former glory as the Waldorf Astoria hotel. It is home to the longest italian marble bar counter, around 100 meters long, the longest in the far east.

The facade of the hotel presents a style of English classicism in the Renaissance period.

One of the best place to get a photo shoot of the whole bund,and has a small history museum of the Bund too.It stands out with the unique Atonoba rococco stle tower.There are only two Atonoba style tower in the world now,the other is in Norway.

Nanjing pedestrian street is the longest in China and probably one of the busiest pedestrian street in the world.This street is highly commercialised with malls and shops selling varieties of products like jewellery,arts and crafts,clothes,shoes, with many restaurants that whet the appetite of any foodie.

A truly colourful street especially at ... More

Walk down through Nanjing west road, which is one of the prime shopping street in Shanghai and was rightly compared to the Champs Elysees in Paris. Intermixed with high end malls and 5 star hotels it is worth a visit.

13. Huanghe road,Shanghai

A gourmet street, with many chinese local cuisines. The best shanghai xiao long bao and fried dumplings can also be found here at Jia Jia Tang Bao and the Yang's fried dumplings.

For those wishing to refill their stomach, drop in for some truly authentic Shanghainese food. But bear in mind you may have to wait in line, as the outlets are very... More