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Fort Foote Civil War Ruins

Civil war bunkers, cannons, building and views!
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.7 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Cannons, bunkers, buildings Oh My!

The perfect Civil war park without the crowds.

Plenty of huge cannons to defend Washington on the... more »


  • instead of using the trailhead, use the secret trail entry point for more water views
  • walk down to see the building at waters edge
  • watch the sunset at point 13

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Points of Interest

1. parking lot and trail head

parking lot and trail head.

you could start at the trail head, but instead follow the gps track down past the bathroom on the road.

there is another side entrance with more views of the water. so this will have you do the trail in a clockwise loop, at some points in this loop you have to double back to complete the loop.

2. road view

road view past the restrooms, continue here to enter the secret path with more views by the water

3. road view past the restroom area

road view past the restroom area. keep walking past this to get to the secret trail.

4. secret trail entry point

this is the secret trail entry point.

hard to find, it is overgrown.

5. water view

great view of the potomac river

this is also a popular fishing point

a bit messy however.

6. side hike to the cannons

this is a side hike to the cannons...

you have to backtrack a bit from the water to find the entry point, but you can spot the overgrown trail here.

have to go a little uphill, then you will be on the outer cannons trail

7. Cannons, emplacements, and bunkers OH MY!

numerous cannons, cannon emplacements, and bunkers here

8. more cannon emplacements and a locked bunker

heres a locked bunker (can you find it?) it has a grate on it, and is the ammo storage bunker. its in a mound so you cant see it like the others. (its at the mound at the end of the last emplacements).

shine a flash light in there for a picture.

9. walk downhill towards the water edge

this is a walk downhill towards the water. theres a concrete table to the left, and a building at the bottom of this downhill slope.

also theres some anchor blocks along the way. the trail is a bit steep and lots of fallen trees in the way.

10. old lookout building

this is an old building (with lots of assorted graffiti artists known here).

worth the hike down to here, has some great water views.

11. down the long walk

down the long walk here, this leads you to another water view, and a view of the far city and the bridge.

12. road ends here, continue on trail

road ends here, continue on the trail

13. water view

great water view of the bridge and far city of alexandria.

could watch sunset from here too