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SoCo, Austin's Strip of Wonderful

Dubbed SoCo, South Congress Avenue offers an excellent sampling of Austin's shopping, dining and music.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.3 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  "Keep Austin Weird" is the slogan Austinites embrace and SoCo is the place to experience it. Buying local is easy and fun on this... more »

Tips:  WEATHER: Austin's weather is unpredictable-except for summer when it is HOT. Austin has an average of 111 days of temperatures 90F ... more »

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Points of Interest

Grab a hot cup of coffee at Jo's to start your day. Open at 7, Jo's begins serving the Austin Breakfast of Champions, breakfast tacos, at 8 a.m. and keeps serving until they run out. Baked goods from Austin's own Quack's Bakery and Rock Star Bagels are worth the carbs. Try the Iced Turbo, Jo's signature sweet coffee drink. The menu features... More

2. Lucy In Disguise With Diamonds

Sudden urge to get your Elvis on in the "Live Music Capital of the World"? Fat Elvis or Skinny Elvis, Lucy's got 'em both. Perhaps King Henry VII is more your style? Renaissance costumes galore in this 8,000-square-foot costume palace. Wigs, jewelry, masks, gloves, theatrical make-up and more.
1506 S. Congress Avenue
Austin Texas... More

Yard Dog features outsider, pop and old-school folk art from North America, especially the Deep South. You can also catch contemporary and fine art shows at the gallery.
1510 S. Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78704

Phone: (512)912-1613

Monday-Friday 11am-5pm
Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday Noon-5pm

Started in 1991 as a small antiques collective, Uncommon Objects describes itself perfectly as a "one-of-a-kind emporium of transcendent junk." If you're looking for a 19th century copper lustre pitcher, Masonic sword from the early 20th century or Grandma's heirloom Tupperware jello mold, you may very well find it here on any given day. Locals... More

The Big Red Boot marks the spot where a New Yorker can learn how to dress like a Texan. Authentic Western wear begins with a cowboy hat. Not a hat person? Go for the boots. With more than 4,000 boots on display for you to try on, you'll find a pair that brings out the cowboy in you. Cowboy shirts, bolo ties, buckles and belts complete the look.... More

So many dining choices, so little time. The food trailer park at the corner of South Congress and Monroe features home-grown fare such as Mighty Cone, a tortilla popped into a paper drink cone and filled with culinary surprises. The original is a Hot 'n' Crunchy breaded chicken with a mango-jalapeno slaw and ancho sauce. Other fillings available.... More

7. New Bohemia

Looking for a 70's disco shirt? New Bohemia is one of several vintage (that's fancy for used) clothing and accessory shops on South Congress. Great selection of 60s-90s sunglasses, belts, purses, shoes and boots, jewelry and more in gently-used condition. Looking for something specific? Ask the friendly folks behind the counter who know the... More

8. SoCo Artists Market

Each weekend and on First Thursdays of the month, the SoCo Artists Market transforms an empty lot into tented storefronts for Austin artisans offering handmade jewelry, art, leather crafts, sculpture and clothing. Saturdays 11am-9pm. First Thursday hours vary, check the website. Keep an eye out for other tents on either side of South Congress that... More

Wine connoisseurs will want to stop by Vespaio Ristorante and it's bistro next door, Enoteca Vespaio. Vespaio has one of the best wine selections in town, pizza, pasta, extraordinary entrees and decadent desserts. Enoteca is more casual, with bona fide antipasta and salads, pizza, pastas and more. Enoteca also has deli and dry goods featuring... More

10. Friends of Sound Records

Are you holding a grudge because your mom threw away all your records? Are you an audiophile who cherishes vinyl? Have you heard about LPs but never had the chance to hear what all the buzz is about? Time to forgive your mom, find a long-sought-after LP, and listen to an LP played on a turntable at Friends of Sound Records. Tucked in an alley... More

11. Monkey See, Monkey Do

Kitch doesn't even begin to describe the place. Think Uncle Oinkers Savory Bacon Mints, Whoopee Cushions, Stupidiotic Pills. Oodles of gag gifts, outrageous cards, refrigerator magnets and wacky merchandise. "Keep Austin Weird" is the slogan locals embrace and Monkey See has plenty of items making the point.

Next door you can further embrace... More

End your shopping day on a high note. Loop back up Congress Avenue towards downtown and settle in for a hand-shaken margarita in the cantina at Guero's Taco Bar. Or grab a brew and listen to the music in the Oak Garden.

In its first incarnation as Central Seed and Feed Store in the late 1800s, players rolled dice in the back room and book makers... More

The Continental Club has been the premier club for live music in Austin since 1957. Before they hit the big time, many successful musicians played The Continental Club. Locals love the place, so arrive early to get a good seat. Admission-free Happy Hours with live music begin at 4 Monday through Saturday.
1315 S. Congress Avenue
... More