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Higashiyama Walking Tour

Kiyomizu Temple, Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka, Kodai-ji Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Maruyama Park, Chion-in Temple
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 1.8 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  This guide starts you out at Kiyomizu Temple, the most popular tourist destination in all of Kyoto. After enjoying all that the... more »

Tips:  Nearly all of the traveling you do in this tour is by foot, so wear comfortable walking shoes. Also, Japan is largely a cash-based... more »

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Points of Interest

Originally founded in 778, Kiyomizu Temple is the most popular tourist attraction in all of Kyoto. It has been designated as a National Special Historic Site and is a UNSESCO World Heritage Site. It is also one of 17 locations that make up the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto World Heritage Site.

The main hall has a large veranda that juts out... More

These are the famous streets that connect Kiyomizu Temple and Kodai-ji Temple. They are lined with sweet shops, souvenir shops, and restaurants. Anyone who visits Kyoto has to try the "yatsuhashi," a locally made, triangle-shaped sweet that comes in many different flavors. There are many different places that make these treats, nearly all of... More

Established in 1606, Kodai-ji Temple is well known for both its buildings and gardens. Its walking garden is an exceptional piece of landscape architecture, featuring large stones and trees placed on a hilly landscape among elegant temple buildings, tea houses, and a bamboo grove. From the top of the hill, you are afforded great views of not only ... More

Formerly known as Gion Shrine, construction of the shrine began in the year 656. Long connected with the Kyoto Geisha community centered in the nearby Gion District, Yasaka Shrine is a colorful shrine that lies at the heart of much of Kyoto's festive tradition.

In 869, the divine portable shrine, mikoshi in Japanese, was paraded through the... More

Incredibly beautiful and peaceful, Maruyama Park is the most popular place to see blossoming buds on a cherry tree, and therefore can get extremely crowded during that time (end of March/beginning of April). The park's most popular attraction is the old weeping cherry tree, shidarezakura in Japanese, which looks like a mix between a cherry blossom... More

Built in 1234, Chion-in is a massive temple. The front main gate, the sanmon in Japanese, was built in 1619, and is the largest surviving structure of its kind in Japan. Both the gate and the main hall are National Treasures of Japan. The temple also has the largest bell in Japan, which is one of the largest functioning bells in the world.

... More