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Seaside Stroll around Scenic Stanley

A famous market, beaches, temples, museums, historic buildings, waterfront promenade, park and military cemetery
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.2 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  Stanley, located on a peninsula on Hong Kong Island's south coast, is a popular tourist destination that allows visitors the... more »

Tips:  Stanley can be reached by bus, green minibus or taxi but not by Hong Kong's MTR (mass transit railway) system.

It is served by... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Stanley Village Bus Station

Stanley Village Bus Station is the starting point for this walking tour. Buses from central Hong Kong stop on the road outside the bus station (picture right). For the return journey to central Hong Kong, buses either stop inside the bus station (picture left) or on the road outside.

Stanley Market, located in the narrow alleyways of Stanley Main Street and adjoining streets, is one of Hong Kong's most popular tourist destinations, attracting visitors from all over the world seeking bargains. Here can be found shops and stalls selling casual clothes, handbags and shoes, sportswear, footwear, paintings, jewelry and watches,... More

3. Stanley Waterfront Mart

Opened in 2008 as part of a major redevelopment of Stanley's Waterfront Promenade, Stanley Waterfront Mart, open from 7am to 10pm daily, houses 16 market stalls selling fashion, toys and fancy goods, and four light refreshment stalls with outside tables where visitors can sit and enjoy views across Stanley Bay and watch the passing crowds.

4. Stanley Waterfront Promenade

Redeveloped in 2008, Stanley Waterfront Promenade, which runs between Stanley Village Road and the edge of Stanley Bay, allows visitors to stroll along a pleasant waterside boardwalk with scenic views across the bay. Alongside the promenade are numerous bars and restaurants, making it a good place to stop for food and drink.

Restaurants are... More

Stanley Plaza, opened in 2000, is a six-story mall with shops, restaurants, cafes and supermarket. The plaza has commanding views over Stanley Bay from terrace balconies. However, the building is undergoing a major redevelopment and is only partially open. The refurbishment is expected to be completed around the end of 2011.

The Tin Hau Temple at Stanley, founded in 1767, is the oldest temple on Hong Kong Island and is one of more than 70 Tin Hau temples in Hong Kong, dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea and protector of fishing people. It is believed to have been one of the bases of the notorious pirate chief Cheung Po-tsai, who captured Hong Kong in 1770. The bell... More

Murray House is a magnificent old colonial building with columns and wide verandas, originally built in 1844 and housing a British army barracks. It was named after Sir George Murray, head of British ordnance and was originally located on the current site of the Bank of China in Central district. In 1982 the building was dismantled, cataloged and ... More

Standing in front of Murray House is Blake Pier, another structure originally located in Central District, built in 1900 and re-erected in Stanley in 2007. The pier was named after Sir Henry Blake, a former governor of Hong Kong and served as a landing point for royalty, visiting dignitaries, colonial governors and other VIPs. It was dismantled in... More

Stanley Ma Hang Park, set on the cliffside behind Murray House, was opened in January 2011. The park has been designed to blend in with the natural landscape and features boardwalks, a birdwatching corner, a utterfly garden, heritage corner, fitness deck, sea view terrace and sea view patio with a light refreshment kiosk and panoramic views across... More

10. Stanley Main Beach

The main beach is located about a five-minute walk from Stanley Market, on the opposite side of the peninsula, about 200-meters from the bus terminus. The beach has a BBQ area, changing rooms and showers, public toilets and a cafe.

The beach is a popular windsurfing venue and is also the location for the annual Stanley International Dragon Boat ... More

11. Old Police Station

The Old Police Station, located on Stanley Village Road, is Hong Kong's oldest police station, built in 1859. It is a fine old colonial building with a veranda. The building, which ceased to function as a police station in 1974 and was subsequently declared a monument, now houses a coffee bar.

The military cemetery on Wong Ma Kok Road, above St. Stephens Beach, is immaculately maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and contains about 600 graves, many unidentified, mainly of soldiers and civilians who lost their lives during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. The cemetery was first opened in the 1840s but was closed for ... More

13. Stanley St. Stephens Beach

St. Stephens Beach is located in a secluded bay on the opposite side of the peninsula from Stanley Main Beach. Theisbeach is usually less crowded than the main beach and has a BBQ area (picture left) and is popular watersports center. There are changing rooms, showers, public toilets and a light refreshment cafe.

The museum, which reopened in early 2010 after extensive renovation, is located on Tung Tau Wan Road alongside the Correctional Services Department Staff Training Institute and contains 10 exhibition galleries, a mock gallows and two mock cells depicting the history of Hong Kong's penal system.

There are more than 600 exhibits, including... More

15. Post Office

Stanley Post Office, built in 1937 and located at 2 Wong Ma Kok Road in an attractive colonial-style preserved building, is Hong Kong's oldest post office still operating in its original premises. The building was renovated in 2007 to extend its life and still retains its original cast-iron post box bearing the emblem of King George VI, a manual... More