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Star Street District Shopping Tour, Wan Chai

Walk and shop the back streets of this up-and-coming chic district in Wan Chai
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.6 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Star Street and the surrounding area is one of the city's most exciting, new, chic shopping and dining districts. It is also... more »

Tips:  Many of the places are closed on Sunday and Monday, so avoid these days.

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Points of Interest

Stylish, elegant and pricey, Pacific Place delivers as one of Hong Kong's most exclusive shopping venues for the well-heeled Hong Kong shopper. Locals and visitor go here for their fix of the world's most exclusive brands.

In Asia, malls are king, and in Hong Kong few shopping malls can rival Pacific Place for its sheer size and number of luxury... More

2. Epoch Coffee Bar and Desserterie

From Pacific Place Three, make a right onto Wing Fung Street. Just a few feet up the side street, you will find Epoch. This artsy coffeehouse is a great place to pick up a cuppa or take a short break after the mall.

Epoch has a bohemian vibe, with small couches and tables in a bilevel open-air cafe. Order at the counter and the helpful, hipster... More

3. Daydream Nation

Cross the street to this small boutique run by the brother and sister team of Kay and Jing Wong; it gets rave reviews with the local press.

The store sells a mix of its own designs and five other small labels from Japan and England. The clothes are fairly flamboyant, with big flowers, funky wool necklaces and big chunky hand-made accessories.... More

4. Agnes B. Librarie Galerie

Walk up and across the street, then climb the narrow stairs to this art space and you will find an unexpected treat.

Conceived by the French clothing brand Agnes b., the gallery exhibits an array of international art--from photography and painting to sculptures, installation art and videos--and showcases local artists.

The space allows you to... More

5. Star Street (Sun Street and Moon Street)

Make a right and you are on Star Street.

Browse up and down this famous street for lots of fun boutiques, eateries and shopping. Pop in at Spa L'Occitane, where you can buy many of the body and bath products featured on the spa's menu; see Japanese clothing store 45R; stroll past the beautifully designed Chez Patrick Deli; and look in on... More

6. Monocle

As you continue down to the end of Star Street, it will dead end onto St. Francis Street. Turn left onto St. Francis, walk downhill about a block onto St. Francis Yard, another quiet lane. You can't miss it.

Here you will find British-based Monocle Shop, a luxury goods store. Monocle is best known for its culture magazine founded by well-known... More

7. OVO Studio and OVOlogue

One of the standout stores, this contemporary Asian furniture and home goods store is on the cutting edge of modern Asian design.

OVO Studio is part of the OVO chain and has a large variety of home goods to choose from. It sells rugs, sofas, beds, lamps, desks, tables, chairs and a variety of other furnishings. Be forewarned, the quality is high... More

The Pawn is a great gastropub housed in the historic former Woo Cheong Pawn Shop, a four-story building dating back to the late 1800s. OVologue is on the ground floor and the Pawn is on the upper three levels. Today it is a colonial-chic gastropub and lounge with a fantastic atmosphere. The entrance is a hard to find, just a small door with a... More