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Deschutes River Trail (Aspen to Big Eddy)

Fly-fishing and mountain biking, side by side for miles and miles...
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 1 miles
Duration: Unknown
Family Friendly

Overview :  Like all the other sections of the Deschutes River Trail, the mile or so from Aspen to Big Eddy are a mix of willow flats, raging... more »

Tips:  Don't forget your binoculars, there are a lot of animals out along this section but they're easily spooked if you get too close.

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Points of Interest

1. Bull Trout

An interpretive sign about the famous Bull Trout that used to fill the river. Wish there were still some in here, it would be a thrill to catch one.

2. Deep Pools

The undercut banks and slow water hide deep pools. These are likely spots to run into beavers.

3. Willow Flats

In several locations, the floodplains are covered with willows. They're perfect cover for deer, beaver, and other wildlife.

4. Rapids

Lots of small drops and boulders break up the river, making it a great backdrop for a day of fishing.

5. Lava Flows

Across the river, you can see proof of Oregon's volcanic past. The dark, jagged stone tells you that the lava is (relatively) fresh...

6. Big Eddy

The eponymous "Big Eddy", a slow swirl of water that recirculates below the lava outcrops on the other side of the river.