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Wrest Point to Mt Nelson Signal Station

2.0 mile trail near Sandy Bay, Australia
Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 2.175 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Wrest Point to Mt Nelson Signal Station is about 2.0 miles long and located near Sandy Bay, Australia. The trail is great for hiking... more »

Tips:  The track is well defined and has been upgraded by the Hobart City Council and the Green Corps. There is no drinking water available... more »

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Points of Interest

The walk starts from the valet car park just across from the main entrance. Wrest Point is easily reached by regular bus services or there is a large car park.

Wrest Point is best known in recent times as Australia's first legal casino and the tower has become an identifiable symbol of Hobart since its opening in February 1973.

Plenty of dining ... More

2. The Lady Nelson

The Lady Nelson has a strong connection with Sandy Bay as it is the ship that brought the Norfolk Island settlers to Tasmania in 1807 and is the ship that Governor Lachlan Macquarie arrived on in 1811.

The ship pictured is the replica of the Lady Nelson operated by a local trust of volunteers.

3. Travellers Rest

The building on this site, currently used as corporate offices used to be the Travellers Rest Hotel. It was built in 1839 by William Chaffey, son of the original owner of the land, Thomas Chaffey.

The area now known as Sandy Bay is the ancestoral home of the Mouheneener and Nuenonne people who lived off the fresh seafood collected along the shoreline.

With the arrival of the white settlers, the Mouheneneener people gradually moved away.

Most of the land in Sandy Bay was originally granted to the Norfolk Island settlers who arrived on... More

5. Bus Stop

The Wrest Point bus stop is clearly marked and buses leave regularly from Franklin Square next to the Hobart GPO

6. Churchill Avenue

Access to Bicentennial Park is by crossing Churchill Ave and following the clearly marked track. take note of the schematic guide with tracks and warnings.

Proceed along the side of the Lambert Creek and take the small footbridge and stick to the main track.

7. Bus Stop

Regular buses from this stop if you decide to walk back down from Mt Nelson

8. Mt Nelson Signal Station

Mt Nelson was named by Governor Macquarie in honour of the Brigantine Lady Nelson, which he had fond memories of.

The Signal Station was built on his instructions and opened on 30th November 1811.

The view from this position are quite spectacular and for those without the time to travel up Mt Wellington you can get magnificent views.

9. Bus Stop

The Signal Station is the terminus for the Mt Nelson Bus service which operates hourly from (M/F) less frequently on weekends and public holidays.

There is an opportunity to disembark at Churchill Avenue for the short walk back to Wrest Point.