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Paradise Beach – A Hidden Gem of Sithonia

Discover an Exquisite Beach in Chalkidiki Known only by Natives
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 6.773 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Sithonia, the middle peninsula of Chalkidiki, Greece, harbors some wonderful beaches which are officially neither marked nor named.... more »

Tips:  Alternatives. Should you decide to shorten the trail by taking the car and miss only some of the highlights of the tour, you have the ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Lifeguard Tower

The trailhead is located at Toroni lifeguard tower or at the local hotel Basil which lies directly behind it on the other side of the Toroni main road.

The next main POI is about 1.6 km distant. Start off alongside the long main Toroni beach heading northward in direction of Neos Marmaras. While hiking, observe the main Toroni beach which is... More

2. Middle Beach

The locals use one and the same name for all Toroni beaches. For convenience, we introduce the names of the Middle beach and the Back beach, relative to the trailhead. The Middle beach is distinguished by a lovely scenery and offers the unshaded parking lot for lots of trailers.

The next POI is about 640 m distant. Upon passing the Middle beach... More

3. Back Beach

The Toroni Back beach is significantly less occupied than the main Toroni beach. It is a beautiful place for spending one’s time at the seaside. Here you will find also a small restaurant directly at the beach, placed unobtrusively and next to it – a beach shower offering water but very sparingly. You may pause for a while at the beach. From this ... More

4. Paradise Beach

Down below lies the beautiful Paradise beach, predominantly occupied by nudists. Have a rest and admire it from all the sides. You may spend the whole day here if you like. Alternately, you may visit the neighboring Aretes beach or return to some of the beaches you have passed earlier.

Stay at the place of your choice as long as time allows and... More

5. Tortoise Ditch

A tortoise ditch at the Toroni main beach. See also POI 1.