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Southernmost Tip of Sithonia

Enjoy thrilling views of the wildest Chalkidiki peninsula and experience an almost virgin beach
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 11.93 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Sithonia, the middle peninsula of Chalkidiki, is one of the most visited places in Chalkidiki. Few visitors to this area can imagine... more »

Tips:  Alternatives. Should you decide to shorten the trail by taking the car and still not to miss the highlights of the hike, you have the ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Toroni Harbor

The trailhead is located at the small Toroni harbor where you can observe antique fortification ruins from the distance. First, start out southwards and pretty soon at the harbor turn left and follow the tar road till you come to the main road leading to the Koufos bay. The road is only partly shaded. In about 30 minutes you reach The Porto Koufos... More

After reaching Koufos harbor, continue along the main Koufos beach. Behind the harbor, at Koufos beach you can take a short break and swim for a while. Next, continue along the beach and join the main road leading to Kalamitsi and Sarti. After about 500 m walking on the main road, do not miss a turn to the right following an unpaved, dusty road.... More

3. Beach 1

The Beach 1 is usually uncrowded and harbors several anchored boats. I use conveniently this supplementary name (for Beach 2 as well) as I was unable to find out the official names. Here take a rest and have a swim. Then go back a little bit and make a sharp turn right and ascend. Soon the trail becomes steep with one big switchback to the right.... More

4. Beach 2

Beach 2 is an excellent place for sunbathing and swimming on both sides. Even at high season, it is rarely populated and nearly empty. From this place embark towards the southernmost tip of Sithonia. It is quite near - about 25 minutes. Follow the trodden path till you come to the end - marked by a milestone. At the far end, the narrow path may by... More

5. Sithonia's Tip

Experience scenic views of the Aegean coast - quite an impressive panorama. This place is extremely rarely visited but undoubtedly worthy of it. When you decide to return, just take the same way back to the trailhead. If time allows, you can also make some short stopovers to swim.