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A walk along the Berlin Wall to Prenzlauerberg

Visit the death strip, sites of escapes, a park that reclaims the wall's dark history and hip stores and cafes
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.1 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  This tour begins at a Berlin Wall memorial that features remaining parts of the dividing barrier and potent reminders of those who... more »

Tips:  The best time to do this walk is on a Sunday afternoon, but it's pleasant on any sunny day.

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Points of Interest

This memorial is an excellent opportunity to see a remaining standing section of the Berlin Wall and to wander around the death strip, the grassy no-man's land that separated the inner wall on the east side from the larger outer wall on the west side.

In the death strip you will see memorials for those who died trying to cross the wall and the... More


When GDR began building the Berlin Wall along Bernauer Strasse in August 1961, the street became famous. Many residents of buildings that abutted the wall jumped out of windows and across the wall to the west.

Make sure you look down for circular plaques indicating the names of individuals who successfully escaped ("Flucht" as it is written on... More

3. Escape Routes and WWII reminders

Dissidents trying to flee East Berlin across the wall had all sorts of strategies: hiding in secret compartments of cars permitted to cross, ramming trucks directly through the wall, using ropes to shimmy over the barrier and, of course, building underground tunnels. Twelve tunnels were started in this neighborhood but only three succeeded in... More

If any place exemplifies how time can change the atmosphere of a dire place, Mauer Park is it. Located on a part of the former death strip where the wall made a sharp 90-degree turn north, off of Bernauer Strasse, Mauer (German for "wall") Park is where the neighborhood congregates.

Sunday is the best time to visit, when a huge flea market... More

5. Oderberger Strasse

This street gives you an idea why Prenzlauerberg is such a popular East Berlin neighborhood. You can relax in a myriad of lovely cafes and restaurants or spend your Euros in local designer stores.

If you are a coffee aficionado, visit Bonanza Coffee Heroes (Oderberger Strasse 35), a tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe where the owners also manage to roast... More

On Sundays, get lost among hundreds of tables at the Mauer Park flea market.

7. Mauer Park Ponies

Two ponies, a petting zoo and a climbing wall.

Find fresh waffles and ice cream here.
Oderberger Strasse 44

Stop here for excellent, freshly roasted coffee.
Oderberger Strasse 35

10. Outdoor Karaoke

Have a blast Sunday afternoons in the Bearpit amphitheater.

11. A reminder of former Jewish neighborhood residents

Look down just in front of Kremmener 7 for bronze stones that honor Jewish residents deported to concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

12. Unsuccessful Escape Tunnel

An unsuccessful escape tunnel can be found at Kremmener Strasse 15.

13. Weltempfänger Cafe

A good place to grab lunch and a coffee during the day. It becomes a hip bar at night.

14. Arkonaplatz

A nice green square with markets on Friday and Sunday.

15. Successful Escape Tunnel

This tunnel at Schönholzer Strasse 7 proved to be a success.

The visitors' center offers historical information and guides, excellent historical postcards and public restrooms.
Bernauer Strasse 111
Daily 9:30am-7pm

17. Kastanienallee

Find more shopping and cafes here if Oderberger Strasse only whet your appetite.