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Eco-Friendly London

Take a green tour of England’s capital.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Locavore restaurants, eco-boutiques, and even a solar-powered city hall are a testament to Britain’s long-standing commitment to clean... more »

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Points of Interest

Quietly tucked down a narrow lane between Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, 51 Buckingham Gate’s modest but distinctive stone façade belies little of what’s inside. Large all-glass doors and whitewashed halls lead to 86 design-centric suites that are well-suited to those checking in for longer stays thanks to fully stocked, stainless-steel ... More

2. Acorn House

Located in the heart of the Kings Cross area, Acorn House is a "green" restaurant from executive head chef Arthur Potts Dawson. The restaurant’s eco-friendly and sustainable philosophies are reflected in the décor, which features a palette of dark green and browns and sustainable materials like vegetable-based ink on the menus. Seasonally fresh... More

The hotel gets high eco-marks for its on-site recycling: a key card system that controls heating and lights when you’re out; energy-efficient windows and lightbulbs; and a carbon-offsetting program for guests. What the guest rooms may lack in personality, they more than make up for in price.

1 Seething Ln.
London, England
United Kingdom

... More

Crammed with stalls, pubs, shops, and small restaurants, Borough Market is London’s grazing central. Come early on Thursday or Friday and avoid the Saturday crush. Best Bites: At the outdoor grill operated by Brindisa (Middle Market), the smoky chorizo-and-arugula sandwiches on crusty ciabatta rolls are well worth the wait. Or perhaps you’d rather... More

Serving as the headquarters for the Greater London Authority (GLA), London’s modern City Hall is situated on the south bank of the Thames between London Bridge and Tower Bridge. Designed by Foster + Partners, the rounded glass building stands roughly 147 feet tall with 10 floors. The landmark, which opened in July of 2002, leans back towards the... More

A much-loved restaurant in London’s Islington neighborhood, Duke of Cambridge is an all-organic gastropub and the first and only one to be certified by the Soil Association. Opened in 1998, the pub features a high ceiling, exposed brick walls, and lightly-stained wood beams. The kitchen emphasizes fresh food from local, independent producers, and ... More

7. Eco

Actor Colin Firth’s home design store, located in Chiswick neighborhood, stocks a range of artisan-made, ethical, fair trade, and eco goods. The three-story converted townhouse was renovated using sustainable materials like limecrete and recycled wood flooring and features recycled furnishings and a greywater lavatory. Inside the store shelves are... More

Offering fair trade, organic, and ethical clothing, Equa boutique is the perfect shop for the eco-friendly women of London. On a mission to prove that ethical clothing can also be fashionable, the small boutique stocks more than 30 brands, including Annie Greenabelle, Amana, Edun, Kuyichi, and People Tree, all of which operate using open,... More

9. Insider London

One of the city’s most popular touring companies, Insider London takes you to see some of the best hidden gems in London. Walking tours cover a range of subjects, such as pop culture, sports, modern architecture, and even sustainable architecture. The Quirky London Tour exposes travelers to some of the city’s most bizarre facts and stories;... More

10. Junky Styling

The shop sells reworked secondhand clothes.

12 Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery
London, England
United Kingdom


11. Montezuma’s

An organic chocolate store.

51 Brushfield St.
London, England
United Kingdom


Housed in a hulking converted power station, this vast modern art showplace opened in 2000 but still breaks new ground with installations. Each year Tate Modern hosts the unique Unilever Series, where different artists are asked to create an installation for Turbine Hall. Previous works in this series have included Rachel Whiteread’s casts of... More