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Pilgrims Cycle Trail

Explore Kent by Bike

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Difficulty: Unknown
Length: 47 miles
Duration: Unknown

Overview : 
This wonderful new cycle route follows much of the historic Pilgrims Way. It has been created to provide fantastic cycling for... more »


Follow the Pilgrim’s Way along National Cycle Routes 17 and 18 from Rochester to Canterbury through the stunning Kent countryside.

... more »

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Points of Interest

Rochester Castle was originally constructed in 1087 and in 1127, the Norman tower was built by the Archbishop of Canterbury with support from Henry I.

There was an epic siege at the site in 1215 when rebel barons defended the site from King John. The castle was later rebuilt under Henry III and Edward I. By the 16th century the site was in decay ... More

Rochester Cathedral was originally founded in 604AD, by Bishop Justus. The present building dates back to the 11th century and is attributed to the French monk, Gundulf.

The cathedral has a magnificent Romanesque façade, wonderful Norman architecture, and some fine examples of later Gothic styles, as well as the 14th century Chapter Library door.
... More

3. The resting pilgrim

Why not have a rest and perhaps a photo with the resting pilgrim.

Canterbury Cathedral was founded in 597AD when St Augustine established his seat in Canterbury.

After the murder of Thomas Becket in the cathedral in 1170, the site became an important pilgrimage site. The cathedral is a World Heritage site, which also includes St Martins Church and St Augustine's Abbey.

Visit the Canterbury Cathedral website... More

10. Canterbury East Rail Station