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Fort Centre Park

A wonderful place for a walk.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.92 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Fort Centre Park is a fantastic, wide expanse of grassland and hillside that runs along the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. ... more »

Tips:  -Bring some water as this is a long walk with the elevation changes
-The trail branches off into the new Fort replica, so feel free to... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Church

The Lamoureux Church across the river is the Notre Dame de Lourdes (Our Lady of Lourdes) Roman Catholic Church. The church design was inspired by French-Canadian models and features a gable roof, bell tower and spire, as well as a large Palladian window and niche with statue of Mary on the front facade.

The heritage value of Notre Dame de... More

2. The trail head just off the road

Across the street from the tennis courts is one of the trail heads.

3. A four way junction

A four way trail junction! There is good signage at this location to keep you on the right track.

4. Fort Saskatchewan trail marker

Trail marker with good info on it

5. Trees in bloom

A common sight along the trail

6. The Rotary Club Amphitheatre

A nice, natural hillside location

7. Another junction point

This junction point will take you up to the lookout point the short way, or you will get there eventually by following the entire trail loop

8. Entering the trees

A forest canopy

9. Interpretive signage

How residents used to cross the river before the bridge

10. The Highway 15 bridge

This region has a large number of bridges all along the North Saskatchewan

11. Bridge shot

A view of the bridge and river

12. Walking up the path

Pretty good elevation change until you reach the top

13. Pedestrian crossing

You have reached the top!

14. Final resting place

The final resting place for TB victims

15. Rolling hillside

This is a huge natural area of parkland

16. Lookout Point

A great lookout with some interesting signage

17. A park explanation

What this park is and what it will become

18. The replica NWMP Fort

The 1875-1885 North West Mounted Police Fort represents the history of Fort Saskatchewan and will welcome visitors and residents to learn about life in a NWMP Fort.

19. The trail down

On our way back to the junction and trail head