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Riverdale Park Neighbourhood Walk

Explore one of Edmonton's historic neighbourhoods

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.175 miles
Duration: Less than 1 hour
Family Friendly

Overview :  Riverdale is one of Edmonton's most historic and beautiful communities. Because of the level land and easy river access, it became... more »

Tips:  -Bug spray would be a good idea on the riverside trails
-Some of the riverside trails have been washed out and are no longer safe.... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Riverdale Park parking

The parking lot for Riverdale Park. The old Community League building stood here from 1937 until 1979.

2. Playground area

Play area for the neighbourhood kids

3. Riverdale Park skateboard area

A skateboard area for kids

4. First views of the North Saskatchewan

In Riverdale, everything is very close to the river. There have been some historic floods in this area since people first migrated to the region.

5. The trail system in Riverdale

Nice paved trails which are shared by all users

6. Interesting green house

There are many different style of houses in Riverdale. From historic original to modern day green houses.

7. Mature trees line the streets

Beautiful trees are everywhere in Riverdale

8. Along the river

Well maintained paths

9. Shared trail system

Everyone enjoys the trails in Riverdale

10. Stairs up to the Dawson Bridge

A short climb will take you to some great views.

11. The riverside trail

Coming back, you can walk along the river a long ways, but be aware of any washed out riverbanks.

12. Looking back at the Dawson

The Dawson Bridge through the trees

13. The trail is heavily used

the trails are in good shape down here

14. The North Saskatchewan

You get great shots along the riverside

15. An old fence line

A very old fence line

16. Another viewpoint of the North Saskatchewan

Looking over towards Forest Heights

17. Danger! Trail washed out!

When high water and river banks meet! Time to head back.

18. Back up to the trail system

Back up to safety

19. The Community League hockey rink

The hockey rink was the centrepiece of the original 1937 plan and was the largest skating rink in the city at the time.

20. Fraser Mills

A plaque honouring some of the original business interests in the area

21. Riverdale Community Centre

The location of the current Community Centre.