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River Valley Riverside Trail Walk

Enjoy one of the nicest walks in the river valley

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Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.175 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Parking on 82nd Street, you can access a number of trails, but the River Valley Riverside walk is one of the jewels of the River... more »

Tips:  -This is a long walk, so bring water
-Great views mean great photos
-Look out for golf balls as you are walking along Riverside Golf... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Walking towards the trail head

The trail head leading to the River Valley Riverside walk. You can also access Forest Heights Park by heading over the pedestrian bridge.

2. Wooden bridge over a small ravine

There are some great points for photos all along this route.

3. The view from the bridge

Overlooking the river valley and the opposite bank of the North Saskatchewan River.

4. Fence alongside the Riverside Golf Course

Once you pass the fence you enter the gravel trail on the left.

5. The gravel path around the golf course

Here is a look at the gravel path on the River Valley Riverside trail. Nice and wide and kept in good condition.

6. Right next to the river

You get to walk nice and close to the riverside

7. Downtown Edmonton in sight

Good first look of downtown Edmonton

8. View from the trail

A very peaceful walk in the morning

9. More buildings

The views of downtown are great

10. Some of the flowers you will enjoy

A pretty common sight along the trails in the river valley

11. More buildings

After walking all the way from Fort Saskatchewan, seeing the downtown core get closer is exciting.

12. Dawson Bridge Crossing

First look at the Dawson Bridge. beautiful in the morning.

13. Closer shot of the bridge

The Dawson Bridge looks great

14. Walking up Rowland Road

A bit of a hike once you leave the trail, but it is worth it.

15. Pedestrian Bridge over to Forest Heights

Almost back to the top!