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Fort Edmonton Park

A nature walk around Fort Edmonton Park

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Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2.92 miles
Duration: 1-3 hours
Family Friendly

Overview :  Providing the best in historically authentic living history, Fort Edmonton Park is nestled on 158 acres of beautiful wooded parkland... more »

Tips:  -Bring a camera to capture the views from the new footbridge
-Bring water
-Trail system is in very good condition
-Take a moment to... more »

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Points of Interest

To get to the trail head, you will pass the John Janzen nature Centre on your left.

2. Old Signage

This is the River Loop Trail trailhead (with a new bridge tour mixed in).

3. Street Car

Fort Edmonton has a fully functioning steam train and street car system in place. As you enter the trail you will pass the maintenance yard on your right.

4. Into the trees

You will quickly find yourself surrounded by trees with only the occasional train whistle to be heard.

5. Photo Journal

There are a number of these journals throughout the walk highlighting some history, bird species and flora and fauna along the hike.

6. Junction Point

You will enter a backstreet at this point and head south to get to the new bridge trailhead and the rest of the River Loop Trail.

7. New paved trail to footbridge

This is one of the new paved trails to the footbridge that the River Valley Alliance and the City of Edmonton jointly funded.

8. The newest bridge over the North Saskatchewan

As you turn the corner, the beautiful new footbridge comes into view.

9. Emergency Phone

Another City of Edmonton Emergency phone location.

10. Looking North

The north view from the footbridge

11. 2nd Emergency Phone

Another City of Edmonton Emergency phone location

12. View from the River Loop trail

Back on the trail again

13. View along the trail

Nice packed trail all along the riverbank

14. Pleasant scenery

Very peaceful walk on the borders of Fort Edmonton

15. A peek at the river

At this time of year, the undergrowth is very thick, so clear shots of the river are harder to come by

16. Heading up!

Junction point here with Hotel Selkirk on your right

17. Up to the parking lots or on to the Whitemud Ravine trail system

At this point you can head back to your vehicle or carry on walking into Whitemud park and the connecting trail systems