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Condesa - A Night Out in Mexico City

Condesa has become one of the trendy places to spend an evening out on the town in Mexico City.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 1.8 miles
Duration: Half day
Family Friendly

Overview :  When traveling much of the "heavy" touring takes place during the day and at night people let lose and have fun. And Mexico City... more »

Tips:  Wear comfortable and stylish clothing. Mexicans dress up, so make sure you match them. No sneakers (or tennis.) Also, it can get cool ... more »

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Points of Interest

Start your tour of trendy Condesa in Parque España. Many believe this park and Parque Mexico are the most well kept and landscaped green spaces inside all of Mexico City. (Parque Mexico is just across the way.)

Have the taxi drop you off here before the sun sets and take a stroll through the park. Even relax on a bench for a bit. Enjoy a bit of ... More

Condesa df is a boutique hotel in the heart of Condesa. The hotel has a well received restaurant and a "club" setting downstairs for late night dancing, but the real joy of the property is the rooftop garden. Labeled as one of the trendiest spots in all of Latin America the rooftop is the place to see and be seen.

After you enter the hotel make ... More

3. T Gallery

This trendy bar is the place to go after the sun sets in Condesa and many spend all night. The decor (which is also for sale) is very relaxed and comfortable. It gives the sense you are attending a party thrown by one of your hippest friends.

And although the owner states the cocktails are designed to allow patrons to abandon inhibitions, it is ... More

After a few stops (and maybe drinks) it is time for a meal. Condesa is known for its bars and cafes, so if you see something you like - give it a try. Most places are affordable and the food is good quality.

If you want quality Mexican food, try La Capital for dinner. It serves classic Mexican comfort food. The newer restaurant and stand out on... More

5. La Botica

This place is simple yet stylish and so is the drink menu. It is either Mezcal or a local beer, no margaritas served here. You come here to sample from the Mezcal menu and explore more about this special agave spirit in a casual setting. This is probably the most Bohemian style place on the tour.
Sun-Tue 5pm-Midnight
Wed-Sat 5pm-2am.

El Califa serves some of the best tacos in all of Mexico City. It is a must stop on any visit to the Condesa Neighborhood and the perfect way to end the night.

El Califa is a scene. Everyone seems to stop here for a late night taco and the line can be long as the night gets later and later. But it is well worth the wait, both the food and the... More