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Ferrata Piazzetta to Piz Boe

A difficult via ferrata to the highest peak (3152 m) of the Sella Group in Dolomites, Italy. A full day trip.
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 4.474 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Via ferrata Cesare Piazetta is said to be the most difficult in the area and indeed, it is not for beginners. There are often 90... more »

Tips:  You will need about 5 hours of walking time and there are two chalets along the way. The ferrata will take about 2 hours.
All the... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Parking under the South Face

You have heard it: It is the best not to stand on the mountain to admire it. Piz Boe has a beautiful shape of a triangle which goes up from the Sella Plateau. You will see similar shape from the north (ferrata Poessnecker) or from the south - this picture of Piz Boe is taken from Marmolada and you can see the south face where the ferrata Piazzetta... More

2. Ossario del Pardoi

You park your car near an interesting building Ossario. It is a monument to victims of the WWI&II. The walls are very robust and when you are entering it, you feel like going into an Egyptian pyramid.
The entrance is free and you may put a note in a visitor book.
When you finish Ossario, take a steep footpath up from Osssario to Piz Boe.

3. Ferrata Start

After you reach the route 626, do not cross it immediately. Go to the right and take 626 for about 300 m. Then turn left to the wall and soon you will see the table “CESARE PIAZZETTA”.
You may be scared by reading “ONLY FOR EXPERTS … ROPE NECESSARY”. When I was there I met about 20 other ferratists and nobody had an extra rope or a... More

4. Overhang

Another difficult passage may be this overhang. Few trip reports are warning about it. But there is a metal foot support, which makes it easier.

5. Chimney

This narrow chimney is not difficult to climb, but you will have an issue with your bag. Perhaps you may now use your extra rope to draw the bag after you. Or, better: keep hands and feet inside of the chimney and put your body and bag towards the valley.

6. Suspension Bridge

After the climbing difficulties you will go over a suspension bridge. You can see from the bridge the start of the ferrata. This is another mark of the verticality of the ferrata.

7. Ferrata Junction

There are two options above the bridge: You may follow the red arrows and go to via a corridor on the left (unsecured) or you may go directly up along the metal rope. The climber on the picture decided the ferrata. There are again a couple of small overhangs and one rope anchor is not fixed properly (Sep 2011) but it will not stop you, the rest is... More

8. Crest under Summit

Finally all climbing is over and you will see the summit. Put off your harness and admire fantastic view of Marmolada (3343m, on the picture). You will join the footpath no. 638 before the summit.

9. Top of Piz Boe

The summit is overcrowded. No wonder – it is a fine walk from the top lift station by Rif. Maria. There is a chalet and a big cross on the top of Piz Boe.

10. Panorama View

We have already highlighted the view to the south where Marmolada is located. Now, from the top you can also see on the west Plattkofel (left, 2958m), Langkofel (center, 3181m) and flat Piz Selva (right, 2941m). You can take old ferrata Poessnecker to Piz Selva.
You can see the panorama of the northern summits of Sella Group on the other... More

11. Descent via RifPardoi

From the summit of Piz Boe descent south-west along path no. 638. The SW face of Piz Boe is also on the picture. You come across a small piece of ferrata, but you will not put on your harness because of it. Your next destination is Rif. Forc Pardoi (this WP).

12. Passo Pardoi

At Rif. Forc. Pardoi you turn left to the south and take path no. 627 to Passo di Pordai (2239). There is Passo Pardoi on the right bottom corner of the picture and Marmolada on the back. Somebody from your party will have to go for the car at Ossarium, the others can have a rest.

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