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6460 Lost Peak - Zion National Park

A 3.5 mile loop that summits Peak 6460.
Rating: 5 out of 5 by EveryTrail members
Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 3.5 miles
Duration: Half day

Overview :  Peak 6460, known to locals as "Lost Peak", can only be seen from the plateau after hiking up a 950 foot slab of slickrock. A 3.5 mile... more »

Tips:  Backcountry Route! Safely hiking backcountry routes depend on your own good judgment, adequate preparation, and constant attention to ... more »

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Points of Interest

1. Trailhead & parking

After exiting the 1.1 mile long Zion tunnel continue to proceed East on Hwy-9 to the small Zion tunnel. Park on the West side of the tunnel (before you enter).

2. Alternate Parking

Several large pullouts exist along the road that overlook Cockeye Falls. I would recommend using one of these alternate parking spots and hiking back down Clear Creek to the junction (see POI #5).

3. Clear Creek

Immediately to the South, from the small tunnel, is a visible trail leading down into a small wash. Follow the wash until it reaches the main Clear Creek channel. Turn left and head up the cobble stone riverbed.

Note: Clear Creek is a main tributary for the East side of Zion. If it has water in it you may not be able to continue (and you probably... More

4. Hidden Garden Slot Canyon

After hiking only a short distance, you are greeted on the right side by a massive Ponderosa Pine tree. This marks the entrance for the short but beautiful Hidden Garden Slot Canyon.

5. Wash to Slickrock Slab

After passing Hidden Garden, again turn up stream and continue on for about 200 yards. Keep an eye open for a small but obvious wash on the right hand side. Enter the wash and begin (almost immediately) to work your way up onto the slickrock.

Note: The first section of the slickrock slab is steep. Use the plentiful shelf systems and weakness to ... More

6. 950 Foot Slickrock Slab

This is one of the funnest slabs of rock in East Zion. The route rises and falls through a series of slickrock bowls as you continue to head south toward the plateau. At this level, turn around and enjoy the view behind you. Visible are the East and West Temples. Progeny Peak is Northwest. I could barely make out the summit registry rock pile.... More

7. Pleatau

As you approach the end of the slickrock, the slab is replaced by sand, trees, sagebrush, scrub oak and cactus! Game trails are common through the brush which make the travel easier but not much. The trails are littered with cactus plants making the conscious placement of feet even more tedious than on the slickrock slab. The prominent peak of... More

8. Ridge line to Summit

Lost Peak has a distinct line moving up the north facing ridge. The west is to steep with a clean drop from the ridge line to the saddle below. Follow the ridge to the first obstacle. It is possible to hike around the short 5' buttress, but I found it easy to just pull up and over.

9. Crux, class 4 - 5 scramble

The crux is a 10' solid class 4 lower class 5 vertical climb. Good hand and feet positions make the move simple enough but the exposure is high. A large bush resting at the top and a massive Ponderosa Pine tree a few feet beyond that provide for nice belay points to help weaker climbers or to aid in descent.

Above the crux, about 40 more feet ... More

10. Summit of Peak 6460

The summit is marked by a small carin, find a suitable rock and increase the stack by one. No summit register was found. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Parunuweep canyon, West to East Temples, and all the points in between. Beautiful!

11. Backtrack and North South Ridge Line

Backtrack the way you came until you reach the North/South ridge again. The ridge is wide, sandy and dotted with trees, cactus (again) more scrub oak and other plant life. Follow the game trails staying as close to the ridge line as possible. Views to the East open up as the travel along the ridge line is easy and enjoyable.

12. Descend to Canyon Floor

Follow the ridge line until it begins to narrow and becomes steep on both sides. Soon you will be faced with a steep descent, three prominent Hoodoos and a view of the road. This is another beautiful place to sit under a pine tree and watch traffic making its way slowly along the twisting Hwy-9. From this vantage point, you can see both sides of... More

13. Cockeye Falls and Clear Creek

Follow the beautiful wash downstream toward Clear Creek. There is a dryfall that is easily negotiated by staying far to the right and working a fault line aiming to return to the creek bed below. Soon you will reach Cockeye Falls. Standing at the top of Cockeye Falls don't be surprised to hear motorists honk at you from the road, some using the... More

14. Return along Clear Creek

If you used "alternate Parking" POI #2, hike up to the road and your vehicle is waiting for you. If not hike downstream in Clear Creek, return past the small wash and large Ponderosa Pine of Hidden Gardens. Turn right up the small wash, and climb up the slope to your parking spot by the small tunnel. Smile, what a great hike!