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Burroughs Mountain Loop Via Glacier Basin

This hike will bring you up the drainage of the Inter Glacier and return you over the broad Burroughs Mountain.
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 11 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Take this 11 mile loop hike up a glacial drainage basin to an alpine ridge with spectacular close up views of Mt. Rainier. You'll... more »

Tips:  Start from the White River Campground off the Sunrise Road which leaves Rte 410 just north of Cayuse Pass

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Points of Interest

1. White River Campsite and Trailhead

Here you can camp over for the night and then start your hike early the next morning. If you want you can drive up super early in the morning to Sunrise point at the end of the road for a great sunrise! Head up the Glacier Basin Trail along the Inter Fork of the White River.

2. Trail Junction

This is where you will head up hill on the Burroughs Mountain Trail to treeline and above. I've included some photos from higher up in Glacier Basin and along the Glacier Basin Trail here.

3. Burroughs Mountain Summit

At 7,828 feet you are at the summit of the very broad Burroughs Mountain. You will have a very close up view of Mt. Rainier from this point as well as the small Inter Glacier which is draining into the Glacier Basin you just ascended.

4. Sunrise Rim Trial Junction

Ignore this trail heading off to the right and keep heading down the ridge to the left towards Frozen Lake.

5. Sourdough Ridge Trail Junction

Head off on the Sourdough Ridge Trail that brings you along the shore of Frozen Lake and then along the ridge for the start of your descent.

6. Frozen Lake

Enjoy the views form this cool alpine lake. If you don't trust me stick a toe in it... it's cold!

7. Sunrise Park Campground and Picnic Area

Turn right here and head on down to the Sunrise Park area.

8. Silver Forest Trail

Leave the parking lot to the south and head down the Silver Forest Trail taking a right when you get to the fork to meet up with the Wonderland Trail for your switchback descent back down to the trailhead.

9. Wonderland Trail

Take a left here and follow the Wonderland Trail as it switchbacks down to the White River Campground and your car.