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Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, NaturePods

NaturePods shares the history and natural world of the Grand Canyon in this video guide. More at www.NaturePods.com

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Difficulty: Strenuous
Length: 18 miles
Duration: Full day

Overview :  Bright Angel Trail is perhaps the premier trail in the Grand Canyon. Join NaturePods naturalist, Stewart Aitchison to explore a bit... more »

Tips:  The Bright Angel Trail starts just west of Bright Angel Lodge. Please check in with the ranger station for current trail information.... more »

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Points of Interest

There is nothing else in the world quite like the Grand Canyon. A few canyons are slightly deeper, maybe a little longer, but the Grand Canyon combines depth, width, and length to expose an array of colorful rock layers carved into a most astounding landscape.

The sheer scale, immensity, and uniqueness leaves you breathless. Plus the fact,... More

2. The Kolb Brothers

Precariously perched at the head of the Bright Angel Trail is the rambling house and studio built by Emery and Ellsworth Kolb. These brothers arrived at the South Rim in 1902 in hopes of finding a job. Tourism at the Canyon was in its infancy and so was tourist photography, but Emery and Ellsworth were visionaries. They bought a little... More

The history of the multicolored, horizontal layers of sedimentary rock that rise above the Inner Gorge to the rims and also found beyond the park to the north and east is a fascinating story of changing environments and evolving life forms. From about 545 million years ago until about 80 million years ago, the region now known as the Colorado... More

4. John Hance - Explorer & Entrepreneur

If you visit the small cemetery on the South Rim, there is one grave that is marked by an extraordinarily large rectangle of rocks. This is John Hance's last resting spot and even in the afterlife, things associated with him are exaggerated.

Hance came to the Canyon in 1883 seeking his fortune in the precious mineral deposits thought to be hiding... More

5. Peregrine Falcons

6. Kaibab Deer Myth

Deer have always been more common on the North Rim than the South. There is simply more deer habitat on the north side. However, that never seemed to faze various early wildlife managers. Between 1927 and 1931, about 60 fawns were transported from the North Rim to the South. But by 1934, the deer herd had so increased in number that they were over... More

7. The Hydes - A Honeymoon Gone Bad

On October 20, 1928, a pair of newlyweds from Idaho set off from Green River, Wyoming in a large, rectangular wooden box to follow the route of John Wesley Powell. Their unusual craft, which they christened Rain-in-the-Face, was a sweep boat, a type used on streams and rivers that have a consistent, moderate gradient. Glen Hyde was experienced... More