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Trip List by tannerduke

10 Best places to think you're in a TV show

9 Apr 2006  A TV watcher
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Where do TV series take place? We could travel with this thematic in mind… In the steps of our TV heros!

  • 1. In Boston with Ally McBeal
    Boston, Massachusetts

    Stroll in the financial district where Ally has her office, and in the typical Back bay streets where she seems to have her house.

  • 2. In Chicago with Dr Green
    Chicago, Illinois

    Let's hope you won't need to be admitted at Chicago's ER! But if you are, you will get a chance to meet Dr Green, Carter and all these famous doctors!

  • 3. Admire Grey's anatomy in Seattle
    Seattle, Washington

    Again, try to avoid the hospital in Seattle, but this time not because you would be sick, but you may fall in love with one of the interns, which wouldn't be such a great idea…

  • 4. Talk about Sex in New York City
    New York City, New York

    Whether you like them or not, you will surely meet one of these over-hip, over-busy, over-thin, over-single chicks in the vibrant city of NYC.

  • 5. Run in a red bathing suit at Malibu
    Malibu, California

    Are people from Malibu all so tanned, so good-looking, with bright wite teeth and enormous boobs? Let's go check!

  • 6. Pretend you are Ricardo Tubbs or Sonny Crokett in Miami
    Miami, Florida

    You need some action in a sunny atmosphere, you want to chase bad people jumping from one yacht to another? Go to Miami.

  • 7. Be as mean as JR in Dallas
    Dallas, Texas

    Put on a cowboys' hat and visit the oil wells with a big cigare! You can also visit the Hewing's ranch actually.

  • 8. Argue with Shanning Capwell in Santa Barbara
    Santa Barbara, California

    In the mind of lots of TV watchers all over the world, the whole town of Santa Barbara comes down to the Capwell's villa. Is there anything there apart from this beautiful fake house?

  • 9. Have spoiled kids' problems in Beverly Hills
    Beverly Hills, California

    Isn't Bevery Hills THE place to drive a car drunk at the age of 14 because your twin brother is dating your worst enemy?

  • 10. Wear Magnum's flower shirts in Honolulu
    Honolulu, Oahu

    Ahh Hawaii! Who hasn't dreamt of helping out Thomas Magnum resolving his cases, in the smooth atmosphere of his nice villa…?