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Trip List by seolram

4 days in Prague

14 Jul 2011  Couple with passion for culture and food on birthday trip
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Birthdaytrip, sightseeing, culinary and cultural emphasis

  • Explore locations featured in this Trip List: Prague
  • Category: Other
  • Traveler type: Culture, Sightseeing, Shopping, Theater
  • Appeals to: Couples/romantics, Seniors, Students, Budget travellers , Tourists
  • Seasons: Winter, Fall
  • 1. Prague
    Prague, Bohemia

    Try to arrive in the morning, have an easy check in at your hotel (lots of cheap 4 star luxurious hotels in Prague) so you can get a calm lunch before sightseeing

  • 2. Cafe Imperial
    Cafe Imperial, Prague, Bohemia

    Day 1 13:00h. Lunch at this art nouveau cafe, have soup of the day, terrific! Also loved the fresh ginger tea and the dark beer, sets your mind on Prague immediately!

  • 3. Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock (Staromestska Radnice)
    Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock, Prague, Bohemia

    14:00h. make your way to the Old Town hall, admire the Astronomical clock, go inside the main hall and buy yourself a Prague Card (4 days card www.praguecard.biz ), Then get your ticket (free with Prague Card) to climb your first tower of the trip: the tower of the Town Hall. Next stop: visiting the inside of the Town Hall, with underneath the excavations of a medieval street!

  • 4. Powder Tower (Prasna brana, literally Powder Gate)
    The Powder Tower, Prague, Bohemia

    16:00h. Go to the nearby Powder Tower and climb this one as well: yet another view! You also get to see an exhibition on history of the town.

  • 5. City Gallery Prague

    16:45h. In the old house with the bell at the Old Town Square there are photo- expositions

  • 6. U Sadlu Restaurant
    Restaurace U Sadlu, Prague, Bohemia

    19:00h. after having a beer in one of the great cellar- bars (like Staromacek I), Go for a big Medieval meal at U Sadlu

  • 7. Charles Bridge (Karluv Most)
    Charles Bridge, Prague, Bohemia

    Day 2 10:00h. make your way to Karluv Most, have a nice stroll

  • 8. Old Town Bridge Tower
    Old Town Bridge Tower, Prague, Bohemia

    Of course you can visit another tower (no problem with your Prague card: enterance is free). On the opposite side of the bridge you can visit yet anothet tower!

  • 9. Castle District (Hradcany)
    Castle District, Prague, Bohemia

    12:00h. arrive at the castle just in time to see the changing of the guards

    At the end of your visit: don't forget the Powder tower of the castle and the Castle gardens.

  • 10. St. Vitus Cathedral (Chram svateho Vita)
    St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague, Bohemia

    12:20 after entering the Castle Grounds, first thing you see is the Cathedral, so naturally we visit!

  • 11. Prague Castle (Prazsky hrad)
    Prague Castle, Prague, Bohemia

    12:30 Sadly all the other buildings have no free admission and the Prague Card isn't valid here, so buy yourself a ticket for the Long tour and admire the Castle

  • 12. St. George's Basilica
    St. George's Basilica, Prague, Bohemia

    13:30 After the Castle follows the chaple of St. George with gallery

  • 13. Gold Street

    14:00h. Of Course, while in Prague, you cannot miss the Gold Street!

  • 14. Lobkowicz Palace Cafe and Restaurant
    Lobkowicz Palace Cafe, Prague, Bohemia

    14:30h. very late lunch (or in our case: birthdaycake!) at the terrace of the Palace, best view in Prague, brilliant white chocolate milk! (you can also sit outside in winter, they have these nice terrace heaters and blankets)

  • 15. Lobkowicz Palace
    Lobkowicz Palace, Prague, Bohemia

    You can of course also visit the exhibition at the palace (when you still feel up to it after all you have been seeing so far) When you're into concerts: they have a concert daily at 1pm (you can go straight after the changing of the guards!)

  • 16. The Brewery Bar
    St. Thomas Brewery Bar, Prague, Bohemia

    16:30h. after a stroll in the Old town, in the Castle district, have yourself a nice beer in the Brewerybar (old micro-brewery in monastry, now part of ' The Augustine' hotel ). The old fundaments of the monastery are still visible, the bar is modern but fitting!

  • 17. U Sedmi Svabu
    U Sedmi Svabu, Prague, Bohemia

    Thirst not gone? No worries: take a walk to this medieval inn and have another dark beer! (you can of course also go for dinner here.... but there's an even more 'authentic' medieval place nearby)

  • 18. U Krale Brabantskeho

    19:00h. Dinnertime! For us this was the best Medieval restaurant, with the rugs on the seats and the waiters in style, and it even manages to be romantic! (the candle- light might have something to do with that) The food was great as well!

  • 19. McGee's Ghost Tours of Prague
    McGee's Ghost Tours of Prague, Prague, Bohemia

    21:00h. When you finish eating in time, you can join the ghost tour, starting near the Town hall. Okay, it's not as funny as the ones in Edinburgh, but still you see a lot of things you wouldn't see on your own and it isn't that expensive.

  • 20. Prague City Museum
    Prague City Museum, Prague, Bohemia

    Day 3 10:00h. After a nice breakfast it's time to pay a visit to the city museum to put all you have seen so far in perspective.

  • 21. National Museum (Narodni muzeum)
    National Museum, Prague, Bohemia

    11:45 take the metro to the national museum. Take a little break in the museum cafe, have a coffee with a slice of cake and admire the building, after that plunge yourself into the archaeological, meralogical and temporary exhibitions.

  • 22. Novometsky Pivovar

    13:15h. time for the inner person: grab a sausage at one of the stands on your wallk over there and take a look at this brewery, of course taste their beer while you're up there

  • 23. U Fleku Restaurant and Brewery
    Restaurace U Fleku, Prague, Bohemia

    14:15h. next stop, next brewery: this is the most famous brewery of Prague, take the tour and afterwards taste the beer and maybe even have something to eat!

  • 24. New Town (Nove Mesto)
    New Town, Prague, Bohemia

    15:30h. just strowling around new town, great shopping area by the way!

  • 25. Jewish Quarter (Josefov)
    Jewish Museum in Prague, Prague, Bohemia

    16:30 wandering towards the Jewish Quarters, if you feel up for it: visit the cemetary and the museum

  • 26. Monarch

    17:00h. Beautiful Place to taste one of the many national wines

  • 27. Staromacek Restaurant
    Staromacek, Prague, Bohemia

    19:00h. After a long day it now is dinnertime... Eat the traditional Carp and end your dinner with their specialty: Becherovka (liquor) flambeed in a large bohemian glass: spectacular!

  • 28. St. Agnes Convent (Klaster sv. Anezky Ceske)
    Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia, Prague, Bohemia

    Day 4 after checking out and leaving luggage at a save place, go and visit the collection of this Convent

  • 29. Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
    Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Prague, Bohemia

    12:00 The building in which this museum is situated is beautiful, the collection is really nice and on top of that: from the windows you have a brilliant view on the jewish cemetary, for free!

    After this visit, take a stroll along the quay, after that it's probably time to go to the airport...